YAYA: 2021 Summer Internship Program Application

American Red Cross- Summer Internship Program

Thank you for applying to the American Red Cross 2021 Summer Internship Program.

The virtual program provides students the opportunity to gain leadership, communication, and practical skills in a professional setting. We seek bold, innovative, and confident leaders who can contribute to the Red Cross and make sustainable change in the Los Angeles Region.

Internship Position Descriptions
Please read this before selecting our final positions. 

*Disaster Cycle Services may require interns to access specific office locations.

Intern Eligibility:
Summer interns must be students enrolled at accredited high schools, colleges, or universities. The selection committee makes no discrimination based on place of residence, sex, national origin, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. Selected interns must comply with American Red Cross policies and become a registered volunteer. Ideally, interns will continue as American Red Cross volunteers after internship completion, although not required.

Deadline to Submit Application:  April 23, 2021
Program Start Date: June 14, 2021 
Program End Date:  August 20, 2021 

Personal Information
Personal Statement & Resume

Please answer each of the following questions in 250 words or less.

Email Resume:

Please send your most updated resume (PDF or Word Doc only) to the following email: Victoria.Phung@Redcross.org

Enter (SIP 2021 Resume- LAST NAME, FIRST NAME) in the subject line so we can easily match your resume with your application.


Please enter one reference who we will be able to contact. *Please do NOT enter someone who is related to you or a personal friend. This reference should be a professional relationship.

  • I understand the commitment involved in being an intern with the American Red Cross.
  • I have completed all parts of the application and answered all questions fully and honestly to my knowledge.

  • I will commit at least 15 hours/week for the entire 9 week duration of the Summer Internship Program 2021.

  • I may be contacted for additional references. 

  • Email Resume - In addition to this application, I will email my complete resume (PDF or Wod doc only)to Victoria.Phung@Redcross.org with (SIP 2021 Resume) in the subject line.
Terms and Agreement: