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Sound the Alarm in Cathedral City, CA - Saturday, February 29, 2020

Sound the Alarm to save lives from home fires!

Register here to Sound the Alarm. Save a Life in Cathedral City, CA on Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 8am-1pm.

Location: Tramview Park Mobile Home Park, 67920 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City, CA 92234

The American Red Cross serving Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in partnership with community organizations, invite you to participate in Sound the Alarm, a home fire safety and smoke alarm installation event.  Seven times a day in the US, someone dies in a home fire.  Even more frequently, American Red Cross volunteers provide assistance to families who have lost their homes to devastating fires.  It's more important than ever that we all join together to save lives, reduce injuries and cut down on needless losses from home fires.


Your Information
Age & Photo Release

Youth under 18 need parental consent to participate in Sound the Alarm events. Please print out and have your parent/guardian fill out the Parental Consent form and bring it with you to the Registration table on the day of the event. Opportunities available for youth over age 14 are Documenter and Educator positions on Installation Teams. Youth under the age of 14 cannot enter homes but can assist in other areas with parent present.

Download & Print Parental Consent Form

I give to American Red Cross, and its designees and agents, unlimited permission to photograph, videotape, and record me and my residence/property; and, for American Red Cross and its licensees and assignees, permission to use, publish and republish in any form or media for any purpose, information about me, statements made by me, and reproduction of my likeness, my voice, and my residence/property, with or without identification of me by name.  If a child’s image is used with mine or separately, and I am the parent or guardian of that child, I agree to this on behalf of myself and the child. 


Ways to Help

There are a variety of ways to help at this event.  As a Sound the Alarm volunteer, you will go door to door in teams of 3-5 people in a targeted neighborhood to inform residents that free smoke alarm installation is available to them.  You will be provided with talking points and information sheets to leave with residents.  Each home visit will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  Each position will receive group training the day of the event.


  • Must be over 18 years of age.
  • Assess the condition of current smoke alarms, and install new alarm(s) as needed.
  • Tests each alarm to ensure "Test" and "Hush" button work properly.
  • Follows all guidelines, training, safety and documentation requirements for the task.
  • Bilingual Spanish, if possible
  • Assists the resident with completing a home fire escape plan
  • Reviews the Home Fire Safety Checklist and other preparedness literature provided to resident
  • Follows all guidelines, training, safety and documentation requirements for the task.
  • Ensures that the number of smoke alarms installed, and other services provided, are recorded and reported within program parameters.
  • Ensures that the resident signs the required documents (acknowledgement, release of liability, etc..).
  • Transfers completed documents to the event captain or designee
  • Follows all guidelines, training, safety and documentation requirements for the task
Safety or Installer Helper:
  • May require use of personal cell phone or handheld radio
  • If under age 14, with parent supervision: while the installer, educator and documenter are inside a residence, this person will stand outside the home to increase visibility and ensure the safety of volunteers while inside the home
  • If over age 14: will assist Installer with ladder, tools and alarms
  • Communicates with event captain or designee about group arrival, location changes, needed supplies and/or emergency situations
  • Should one of the volunteers assigned not show up or need to leave early, this person may assume that role.
  • Follows all guidelines, training, safety and documentation requirements for the task

Please click “SUBMIT” to complete your registration.

Thank you for your participation in this life-saving event!  Additional event information will be sent to the email address provided the week of the event. 

Note: In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, youth under the age of 13 cannot be registered on Red Cross websites nor have personal information stored online by any Red Cross unit, but can still support the organization and be recognized as a volunteer.