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DCS-PE: Pillowcase Project Request Form

Please read the requirements and description of our Disney Pillowcase Project below.


Requirements: Events must be in a secure public venue, such as a classroom, community center, or conference room. We do not do presentations in personal homes, parking lots, or restaurants. Requests should be submitted at least 30 days before the event date to allow us enough time to recruit a presenter and prepare materials. We require at least 20 participants at a presentation, with seating for every attendee.

Completion of this online form is not confirmation of ARC participation. Attendance at events is based on volunteer availability and event relevance to the American Red Cross Mission.

Supplies are limited and each request will be considered based on supplies and volunteer availability


The Disney Pillowcase Project is a one-hour program for children in 3rd through 5th grade. This interactive program will teach kids what to do in fires or earthquakes, coping skills for stressful situations, and general preparedness information. They will receive a workbook of preparedness activities, and a Disney pillowcase to decorate at the end of the presentation. This program is sponsored by Disney. 

The Pillowcase Project will help create a generation of children who understand the science of hazards, are empowered to take action preparing for emergencies, and are excited to help create a prepared community by sharing what they have learned with family and friends.