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LDC 2018 New Camper Reference Form

American Red Cross Leadership Development Camp 2018


The youth who forwarded this form to you is seeking to participate in a teen leadership camp, sponsored by the American Red Cross.  LDC is a 4-day, 3-night conference for 150 area youth, ages 13 - 17 and entering grades 8 - 12.   These youth are seeking to grow their leadership skills by participating in the large and small group activities, classes, keynote sessions and structured experiences that comprise camp.  

The youth's application will not be considered until we receive the two required references.  Please take a few moments to complete and submit this form to us as soon as you are able. Thank you for your support!


Please rank the applicant from 1 - 5 in the following areas, with 1 = Below Average and 5 = Outstanding 

LDC is planned and led by a team of highly trained high school students, and most sessions are peer-led.  Discuss the applicant's ability to accept the authority of a peer in this type of setting.  Please site specific examples. 

Discuss this applicant's ability to successfully navigate a 4-day, 3-night conference if no one he/she knows is in attendance.

Please provide any additional comments or observations that will support this applicant's selection for camp.

Thank you for completing this information.  We appreciate your support of this applicant and our camp.  For more information please visit: www.redcross.org/cincinnati