LDC 2024

Look over the whole application before you start to fill it out and make sure you have all the information you need to fill it out completely (especially yours and your parents' contact information). You will not be able to save it and come back to it later.

Camp Information & Instructions

The American Red Cross of Utah will be holding its 14th annual High School Leadership Development Camp (LDC) at Camp Pinecliff (East of Coalville, Utah) from June 24-28th, 2024. This camp is for Utah students who are currently in 9th, 10th and 11th grades for the school year 2023-2024. LDC is designed for both students who already have strong leadership skills and for those who have no leadership experience yet. The camp is also designed for students who feel they are not the type of person for a leadership role but would like to learn how they, with their own set of values and characteristics, can help in their schools, churches and communities in other ways.

Filling out this application does not guarantee you a spot at camp. We realize that you have lots of questions, so we interview all youth and their parents who apply for camp via Zoom. This is not a job interview, but we do want to make sure that both the delegate (youth who attend camp) and their parents understand the camp and also agree to all that we require while up there. We also want to make sure parents and youth have all their questions answered. Once you finish this application, you will be sent an important email with a link to the Orientation Video. Please watch this WITH a parent and you will be contacted to schedule a Zoom chat where you will be quizzed on the video content, discuss and pay for camp. Our camp spots fill up very quickly; your spot is not reserved until you completely fill out this application, have been interviewed and paid for camp. There will be a mandatory packing meeting in May (with multiple dates to choose from). More details will come about that in March. 

Because our camp is non-profit, the cost of camp is only $300. This includes lodging, food, transportation, and expenses for the whole week. We offer a reduced rate of $150 for those that fit within the income guidelines (you can find these guidelines in the application). Payment is due at the time of your interview. Payment is required to hold your place at camp. If conflicts arise, 50% of the fee is refundable if you withdraw from camp prior to January 31, 2024. If you cancel for any reason after January 31, 2024, NONE of the fee can be refunded.

Application Steps At-A-Glance

  1. Fill out this application completely and preferably together with both Parent and Delegate
  2. Watch our Orientation Video with a parent (it will be emailed to you)
  3. Attend the Zoom Chat with a parent and pay your camp fee
  4. Create a Red Cross Volunteer Account so your hours at camp can be counted as volunteer hours
  5. You and at least one of your parents or legal guardian must attend a mandatory Packing Meeting in the spring.
  6. Attend Camp
  7. Graduate to awesomeness

Contact Information

If you have any further questions regarding this camp, please contact either of the following persons:

Heather McKinnon, Camp Director
cell: (801) 688-2699


Meesh Gapinski, Camp Coordinator
cell: (801) 209-2266


In order for us to stay in contact with you after acceptance to camp, you must contact Heather or Meesh at the emails listed above if you change any contact information provided on this application.

Personal Information
Parent/Guardian Information
Essay Section

Camp Rules

We reserve the right to send any delegate home for violation of any of these rules. If a delegate is asked to leave, it is the parent’s responsibility to pick up their child within four hours of contact by the American Red Cross. Exceptions to this will require approval by the Camp Director.

  • Delegates may take the bus we provide from SLC (recommended because it’s fun) or if parents prefer, delegates may be dropped off and picked up directly from camp (in Coalville). However, no delegate can have a car at camp, and no parking at the chapter is allowed.
  • Any item or device that could isolate you from others is not allowed at camp, including but not limited to: Cell phones, smart watches, iPods, books, hammocks, earbuds, head sets, fishing poles, homework, laptops, etc.
  • Musical instruments are encouraged. There will be a delegate talent show wherein you can play a musical instrument. A piano is available at camp.
  • Delegates must be able to commit to stay the entire week of camp. No one who will need to leave during any part of the week will be accepted as a delegate.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to visit the Delegates at camp.
  • All medications except inhalers and EPI pens must be kept by the Camp Nurse.
  • Delegates may not change cabin or group assignments.
  • Due to space limitations, delegates will be allowed to bring one small suitcase, a sleeping bag, blankets and pillow and fold-up camp chair, if desired.
  • No weapons of any kind, including pocket knives.
  • After lights-out, all delegates must remain in their assigned cabins. Sleep during camp is extremely important to get AT NIGHT. “All-nighters” are strictly prohibited and will result in the delegate being sent home from camp. Delegates who repeatedly are found sleeping during meetings will be asked to leave camp. Hundreds of hours have been spent preparing for camp. In addition, guest speakers donate their valuable time to speak at our camp. All delegates are expected to get enough sleep to be able to engage in all activities.
  • No one is allowed to leave the camp property without adult supervision for any reason. This includes going behind the cabins or near the creek.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, (including chewing tobacco) or drugs other than those listed on delegate medical form are allowed at camp.
  • Vaping and e-cigaretts are strictly prohibited at camp. Anyone found with any type of vaporizer or e-cigarette will be sent home.
  • Bringing a camera is suggested, if you don’t have a camera other than your phone you will be permitted to bring it, but it must be checked in when you arrive and will be given out to you on Thursday evening only.
  • Food is not allowed in the cabins at all. If you bring any food with you (which is not required), you will be asked to store it in the Great Hall refrigerator.
  • We strive to have a diverse group of delegates. We expect all delegates to be respectful of all others at camp, no matter what your personal beliefs are.
  • As this is a leadership camp, the nature of your language, conversations, and actions should be civil and not make others uncomfortable.
  • All delegates will be expected to attend and participate in all scheduled meetings and activities unless excused by the Camp Nurse, Camp Coordinator or Camp Director prior to the meeting or activity.
  • There is no cell phone reception in the area of the camp. Delegate’s families will be given the camp landline number for emergencies.

Delegate Certification and Signature

By typing my legal name and date below, I certify the following:

  • To the best of my knowledge all statements in this form are true, and any misrepresentation will call for immediate dismissal. I acknowledge the above information is voluntarily supplied and may be used and disclosed for Red Cross purposes only. By signing this form, I state that I have read the Camp Rules, and agree to follow them for the entire week of camp. I understand that by breaking any rule will cause me to meet with the Camp Director, where it will be decided if it is needed for my parents to be contacted to pick me up from camp.
  • I hereby give the American Red Cross, its designees, agents and assignees, unlimited permission to use, publish and republish in any form or media, without compensation, any photo or video of me or recording of my voice, with or without identification of me by name.
  • I certify, that the person attending camp is CURRENTLY in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade during the 2023-2024 school year.