Disaster Health Services Fair



Red Cross Disaster Health Services Fair

Wildfires burning across the West have cleared entire towns, consumed millions of acres and show no signs of slowing down as we enter the traditionally busy portion of “wildfire season.” Licensed health professionals are needed now, more than ever before, to provide care to people evacuated by a disaster. 

In a 30 minutes session, you will be introduced to the exciting role of a Red Cross Disaster Health Services Volunteer. Red Cross is known for their humanitarian efforts to provide shelter, care, and safety in the midst of a disaster that forces evacuations. You can be part of that story.

Each session is hosted by a present Red Cross volunteer who is also a licensed health care worker. There are six different session dates and times to choose from for your convenience. Once registered, you will receive a conformation notice. The day before the event, you will be e-mailed a link to attend the session you signed up for.  

Fill out the form below to pick one of these sessions to attend:

 September 13: Monday- 2 pm
 September 14: Tuesday- 8 pm
 September 18: Saturday- 10 am
 September 29: Wednesday- 2 pm
 September 30: Thursday- 6 pm
 October 2: Saturday- 10 am



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