Service to the Armed Forces (SAF): Hospital Programs - VA Program Volunteer - Detroit

Service to the Armed Forces (SAF): Hospital Programs - VA Program Volunteer - Detroit

Contribute to the quality of life provided by the VA Health Care System through volunteer jobs provided at the local VA Health Care Facility.

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Southeast Michigan Chapter

Key Responsibilities

• Willingness to support the mission of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) and the American Red Cross
• Support all veterans by performing assigned job requirements such as: Greeter, patient escort, refreshment cart support, lab runner, clinical administrative volunteer, recreation therapy assistant, information desk worker, patient visitor, MyHealtheVetKiosk guide, pharmacy assistant, hospice/respite care/No Veteran Dies Alone volunteer, special event support, transportation program driver, professional medical volunteer, and many more.


• Desire to help people
• Ability to show initiative, communicate, and work well with others
• Work with diverse populations
• Flexible; easily adapt to surroundings and tasks
• Must be able to achieve a successful VA background/security badging check

Time Commitment

Flexible with scheduled commitment

Development Opportunities

• VAVS Local Representative/Deputy
• VAVS Local Committee
• VA Hospital Development
• Job specific training

Length of Appointment



Local VAVS Representative/Deputy; VAVS Program Manager; Job specific supervisor; other volunteers and patients


• Orientation to the American Red Cross
• VAVS Orientation provided by the VA
• Specific job-related training provided by the VAVS Program Manager
• On the job training

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