**Disaster Action Team Duty Officer- Virtual Position

**Disaster Action Team Duty Officer- Virtual Position

DAT Duty Officer is a support position within the Red Cross of Idaho and Montana. This is not an ‘on-scene’ position, and is accomplished from home. The Duty Officer is responsible for safely deploying, coordinating, coaching, and supervising Idaho and Montana disaster workers to active disaster scenes throughout the region. The Duty Officer supports disaster responders in the field, and ensures accountability and standardization. The Duty Officer follows Casework and Recovery Planning Standards and Procedures, and appropriately records all information within the Red Cross systems of record.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

This is not an “on-scene” type disaster response position, and can be done remotely from your home.

Duty officers are tasked with:

- Ensuring resources are used wisely throughout the state

- Dispatching the disaster workforce for response

- Maintaining an incident log and frequent communications with disaster responders in the field, as well as with all duty officers and administrative staff.

In addition, duty officers will approve referrals to partners and financial assistance needed for clients based on assessed disaster caused needs to aid in disaster recovery, load Client Assistance Cards and report funds spent on a disaster incident to accounting and the director of disaster services. 

When larger disasters strike in Idaho and Montana, the duty officer will help the local disaster team identify material and human resource gaps and communicate with the on call duty officer supervisor as to what the gaps are and how to proceed in delivering Disaster Services to the affected community. 


Length of Appointment

*Preferred length of commitment (after training) is at least 6 months and a year is greatly appreciated.

Time Commitment

A full-time Duty Officer commits to nine 6-hour shifts per month. (On-call shifts of your choosing: available to able to answer the phone call and access a computer)

A part-time Duty Officer is asked to commit to at least four 6-hour shifts per month (suggest one shift per week to stay up to date with programs and procedures). 

We are willing to work with your schedule if it fits the needs of the program and the organization. Shifts are as follows (all times are Mountain Time Zone)

  • A shift: 12am – 6am
  • B shift: 6am – 12pm
  • C shift: 12pm – 6pm
  • D shift: 6pm – 12am


- Proficient with the use of a computer and cell phone

- Access to an internet connection and computer; cell phones will be provided, but you must have cell service at your home

- Ability to interface professionally with partners, government and clients

- Ability to filter and answer a variety of disaster questions for community members

- Ability to multi-task, troubleshoot and make decisions under stressful conditions with tight timelines

- Willingness to learn and gain ability to manage multiple incidents simultaneously across the 4th largest state in the nation

- Ability to work with a team

- Ability to follow both Chapter and National American Red Cross policies and procedures

- Be able to do over the phone disaster casework and guide others in the field with casework forms

- Be able to accept other duties as assigned

- Responded to at least 3 local disaster scenes with the American Red Cross and have intimate knowledge of paperwork required (highly recommended, but we are willing to train)

- At least one year experience with Client Casework with the American Red Cross (highly recommended, but not required)



  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview (WBT, ILT) 
  • Disaster Action Team Basics (ILT)
  • RC View DAT Dispatch (available in FY18)
  • Recovery Services: An Overview (WBT)
  • Casework & Recovery Planning Fundamentals (WBT)
  • Direct Client Assistance Fundamentals (WBT)
  • Meet the Client: “What is a Family?” (WBT)
  • Shelter Fundamentals (WBT, ILT)
  • Psychological First Aid: Helping Others in Times of Stress (WBT, ILT) 
  • DAT Leadership Training (available in FY18)
  • Disaster Frontline Supervision and Simulation (ILT)
  • Concept of Operations Overview (WBT)
  • RC View DAT Dispatch (Duty Officer) (WBT)
  • Handling a Crisis Call (WBT)
  • CAS: Overview video
  • CAS: Creating a Case video
  • CAS: Recovery Planning video
  • CAS Supervisor Actions video

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