*SAF: Hero Care Regional Caseworker - Family Contact (Virtual)

*SAF: Hero Care Regional Caseworker - Family Contact (Virtual)

This position supports the Regional SAF department. This can be a virtual (volunteer-from-home) opportunity. Ensure that military families know they are supported by the Red Cross from the first day in the military through life as a veteran.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure family information is in the case management system
  • Email and phone military families to provide Red Cross preparedness information
  • Provide additional support, as appropriate
  • Understand and apply Service to Armed Forces (SAF) policies, procedures and protocols related to Red Cross client services consistently and correctly.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of any case notes, and private personal information in accordance with Red Cross policies
  • Maintain professionalism and conduct as stated in Red Cross policy



  • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies for in-person volunteer activities.
  • Reliable access to resources needed to volunteer to include phone, personal computer and internet connection.
  • Demonstrated ability to treat people with respect under all circumstances and instill trust in others while upholding the values and principles of the American Red Cross
  • Good computer skills to include use of Internet search tools; Internet; and Microsoft Office Suite, to include Outlook, word-processing
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and listening skills
  • Able to work with diverse populations



  • Knowledge/experience with the military
  • Able to support Red Cross SAF mission; have an awareness of and appreciation for military culture, military families, and veterans' issues
  • Bi-Lingual

Time Commitment

Engagement opportunity available seven days a week; Flexible scheduling with weekly (4 hrs) commitment. 

Approximately 4 hours of training to be completed virtually with mix of online and virtual instructor lead modules, as arranged by supervisor within the first month of placement. 

Development Opportunities

  • Regional SAF Family Contact Lead
  • MEPS coordinator
  • Critical Community Service Caseworker
  • Family Follow-Up Caseworker
  • SAF Training
  • Giving Presentations/Briefings
  • Contingency Team
  • Volunteer Partner
  • Division Volunteer

Length of Appointment

As agreed with the appropriate supervisor


Region SAF leadership;MEPS volunteers


  • Regional Orientation
  • Introduction to Service to the Armed Forces
  • Family Contact Card Curriculum
  • Additional computer training as appropriate

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