Field: Disaster Communications Officer

Field: Disaster Communications Officer

This volunteer position will support Los Angeles Region Communications team by speaking to media, developing communications and PR materials for website, social media platforms and local media outlets. Position aims to inform public about Red Cross services at a disaster relief operation, as well as raise local awareness and visibility of the American Red Cross in region.

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Field: Variable throughout LA County

Key Responsibilities

Serve as spokesperson for the American Red Cross, coordinate Public Affairs team response when an incident is being covered by media, write press releases,  take photographs, represent the Red Cross at meetings, write reports related to Public Affairs response, and produce internal communications.


  • 1 year experience preparing public relations materials ( press releases, media advisories, media alerts)
  • 1 year experience interacting with media ( pitching stories, talking to reporters).
  • 1 year experience doing social media for an organization or business


  • - Public Affairs Essentials course
  • - Disaster Public Affairs For National Relief Operations
  • - Social Media Basics

Development Opportunities

- Interact with local media

- Represent the American Red Cross

- Learn to  tell the Red Cross story

Length of Appointment

3 - 6 months

Time Commitment

4-6 hours a week

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