Casework: Volunteer Caseworker - International Services Restoring Family Links Program (Virtual)

Casework: Volunteer Caseworker - International Services Restoring Family Links Program (Virtual)

This position supports the Regional International Services department. Restoring Family Links Caseworkers provide services to people who have been separated from their family members in another country due to armed conflict, international migration, disasters, or other humanitarian emergencies. RFL Caseworkers provide these services through delivering and collecting Red Cross Messages containing vital family news, conducting searches in their community to locate missing family members, speaking with clients to gather details to begin searching for their missing relatives, reaching out to community organizations and groups to inform them of Restoring Family Links Services, and providing appropriate referrals to other services a client may need.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct interviews with clients to gather the details to initiate a search for their loved ones.
  • Search for missing relatives in your community through: reviewing and analyzing case details in the case management database, conducting home visits, speaking with community members, and contacting organizations serving refugees and migrants.
  • Deliver Red Cross Family News Messages to clients from their relatives, as well as collect replies.
  • Keep clients informed of the progress made on their cases.
  • Deliver news to clients on the results of their search.
  • Enter new case information and case updates into case management database accurately and thoroughly.
  • Provide competent, high quality, and efficient casework services to clients while displaying empathy and adhering to the Fundamental Principals of the Red Cross as well as the program standards and guidance set forth by National Headquarters. 
  • Identify successful stories to promote RFL services


  • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies for in-person volunteer activities.
  • Desire to support the American Red Cross humanitarian mission through reconnecting separated families. (Required)
  • Ability to work independently with diverse populations in a culturally competent manner, and to embody the Red Cross Fundamental Principals including Impartiality and Neutrality. (Required)
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office products, experience working in databases; coupled with excellent research skills and comfort using technology. (Required)
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills. (Required)
  • Excellent attention to detail. (Required)
  • Experience working with, diverse communities including migrants and refugees.  (Preferred)

Time Commitment

  • Minimum of 3 hours a month
  • Workgroup meets on Wednesday mornings rotating throughout the region (West LA, Pasadena, Long Beach offices)
  • Client visits / interviews as needed

Development Opportunities

This position offers the opportunity to develop an array of professional skills including casework, case management, interviewing skills, ability to communicate program scope and limitations, records management and empathy.  In addition, the caseworker team member is able to contribute meaningfully to a program which serves families who have been internationally separated due to crisis, armed conflict, migration and/or disaster. 

Length of Appointment

  • 6 months minimum


International Services Leads in the Regions within your Division. Restoring Family Links team at National Headquarters, other International Services/Service to Armed Forces paid and volunteer staff.


Training outlined below is not a prerequisite and will be part of RFL onboarding.



  • Orientation to the American Red Cross (online)
  • Introduction to Restoring Family Links (online)
  • Restoring Family Links Casework Course (online or in-class)
  • FLAnswers database training modules (online)
  • On-The-Job training and shadowing with an experienced RFL caseworker



  • Psychological First Aid (online)
  • The World of Red Cross and Red Crescent (online)
  • Disaster Cycle Services introduction

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