Local Disaster Responder

Local Disaster Responder

Be part of the Disaster Cycle Services and help our clients to prepare for, respond to, and recover from local and national disasters.

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Key Responsibilities

Interested in volunteering with Disaster Cycle Services areas:

  • Preparedness Education: Educate local residents by hosting Red Cross information booths and preparedness presentations in the community
  • Home Fire Preparedness Campaign: Installation of smoke alarms
  • Disaster Action Team: Assist in providing emergency relief to those affected by disasters or during large-scale responses.
  • Information and Planning
  • Mass Care: Provide activities and services on a congregate basis to the community as a whole, such as sheltering, feeding and distribution of emergency supplies. 
  • Logistics
  • Client Recovery: Evaluate needs, provide services and maintain records for clients.
  • Disaster Workforce Engagement: Recruit, prepare, deploy and engage disaster workforce in response and recovery activities.


  • Age of 18 or older
  • Valid driver's license
  • Demonstrate flexibility, reliability and proper time management skills
  • Ability to interact well and work with diverse populations, including employees and volunteers
  • Listen and be empathetic to diverse populations of clients
  • Meet the requirements and competencies for the response group, activity and position based on the individual's interests, including through training, physical abilities and on-the-job response experience


All new volunteers must complete the following steps prior to having their Red Cross Disaster Services Badge issued:

  • Online Volunteer Screening
  • 20min Phone Interview
  • Two-hour online orientation
  • Supervisor Meeting (Badge collection)

All new volunteers must complete phone interview within 7 days of completion of volunteer screening, and orientation within 7 days of phone interview.

Development Opportunities

  • Enhance personal organizational and leadership skills
  • Be a valued team member in disaster settings, learning new skills and have a rewarding experience helping people affected by disasters

Length of Appointment

Once trained, may remain as long as participation, training and volunteer information is updated as required by Region.


Working with Los Angeles Region disaster services employees, volunteers and community partner organizations

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