Lead: Local Disaster Response Supervisor - Glendale * Arcadia * Pomona * San Gabriel Valley

Lead: Local Disaster Response Supervisor - Glendale * Arcadia * Pomona * San Gabriel Valley

This position supports the Regional Disaster Cycle Services department. To serve as a team leader on a Disaster Action Team (DAT) response providing scheduled 24-hour immediate support and assistance to individuals and families who have been impacted by a home fire or other local disaster. The DAT Supervisor is responsible for leading the on-scene response to ensure the immediate disaster-related needs of our clients are assessed and addressed ensuring all Red Cross standards and procedures are followed and monitors the safety of the on-scene team members.

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Field: Disaster Response Territory 2 - North East LA County

Key Responsibilities

  • Act as a mentor for new DAT members.
  • Ensure that the team responds to disasters within established timelines.
  • Responsible for the Client Assistance Cards (CAC) used for the delivery of client services.
  • Identifies and liaises with the on-scene incident commander and other appropriate authorities to coordinate Red Cross activity.
  • As the on-scene leader, works with team to determine the appropriate immediate assistance for individuals and families.
  • Assesses and communicates the need for additional support and resources (Public Affairs, Disaster Mental Health, Health Services, and Disaster Spiritual Care) to the Duty Officer and/or DAT Manager as appropriate.
  • Ensures adequate DAT supplies, such as comfort kits and intake information is available to DAT members.
  • Uses RC Care System to enter case data and issue Immediate Assistance using the Electronic Funds Transfer or CACs.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by DAT leadership.
  • Attends regularly scheduled team/DAT meetings as required by Chapter/Region.


See the Disaster Responder Training Requirements document for current training requirements.

Development Opportunities

DAT Manager



  • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies for in-person volunteer activities.
  • Experience coaching and mentoring volunteers
  • Commitment to the mission of the American Red Cross
  • Able to lead and supervise DAT members on a response
  • Able to respond reliably when on call
  • Maintains access to RC Care
  • Able to follow Red Cross DAT and related standards and procedures
  • Proficient with Red Cross systems, including RC Care and RC Respond and online interfaces
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Reliable access to technology (including smartphone and laptop or computer)

Builds Effective Teams

  • Building strong-identity teams that apply their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals

Situational Adaptability

  • Adapting approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations


  • Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives

Ability to:

  • Stand and/or sit for two-hour periods
  • Walk on uneven terrain and/or walking 2 miles during a shift
  • Work in extreme cold, and/or heat and/or humidity
  • Spend hours writing
  • Speak clearly on the phone and in person
  • Climb two or more flights of stairs
  • Drive during the day and at night

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