Youth: Northern Valleys Youth Corps Volunteer (from ages 13 to 18) (Virtual)

Youth: Northern Valleys Youth Corps Volunteer (from ages 13 to 18) (Virtual)

To provide meaningful and fun volunteer opportunities for youth and young adults that support the Red Cross mission.

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Youth Corps T1: Northern Valleys Youth Corps

Key Responsibilities

  • Be empowered with Red Cross knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare your school and community to respond to emergencies.
  • Learn and follow the American Red Cross Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, and the Principles of the Global Red Cross Network.
  • Fulfill the core purpose of the Red Cross Club by developing and organizing at least three American Red Cross mission-driven activities that support local and national American Red Cross initiatives.
  • Regularly attend Club meetings and participate in Club activities and events.
  • Maintain your personal profile in Volunteer Connection.


  • Ability to listen and follow instructions
  • Willingness to learn and the desire to be a part of the Red Cross team
  • Desire to make a difference
  • Ability to work well with others

Time Commitment

  • Attending regularly scheduled meetings of their school's Red Cross Club 
  • Attending monthly meetings with their local Youth Corps group in Canoga Park.
  • Participating in local Red Cross Service Events. 
  • Attend relevant workshops or trainings that will lead to personal growth and development, as well as further their volunteer service

Development Opportunities

  • Attend relevant workshops or in-service training that will lead to growth, development and continued volunteer service
  • Ad-hoc meetings, determined by Red Cross Club and Executive Board

Length of Appointment

1 year, renewable


Fellow Club members, Club sponsor / advisor, Red Cross Club Coordinator


  • Orientation to the American Red Cross
  • American Red Cross Youth and Young Adult Volunteer Orientation

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