*Virtual - Disaster Health Services Team Member

*Virtual - Disaster Health Services Team Member

Disaster Health Services Responders provide disaster health care by meeting the disaster related health needs of clients and providing support to other volunteers.

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Remote/Virtual Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  1. Participation in chapter preparedness activities
  2. Support to the DAT response, shelter operations, emergency aid stations, outreach activities, and casework and recovery planning during a disaster relief operation.

Time Commitment

Disaster Health Services Team Member:

• Time commitment will be a minimum of 2-4 hours per week
• Additional time may be required during disaster operations.
• Several of the job duties can be performed remotely (from home).

Development Opportunities

Disaster Health Services Chapter Coordinator


Required qualifications:

  • Active and unencumbered licensure as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Nurse, Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Physician Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic , Retired RN/LPN/LVN if the state in which the license is granted allows for full scope of practice for the volunteer.
  • Must meet training requirement for Disaster Health Services Service Associate
  • RC Care access



  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview
  • RC Care: Individual Disaster Care Curriculum
    • Client Care Program Overview
    • Client Care Program: Disaster Client Intake
    • Client Care Program: Providing Referrals
    • Client Care Program: Conducting Follow-up
    • Providing and Documenting Individual Disaster Care Services with RC Care
    • Shelter Resident Transition with RC Care
  • Concept of Operations Basics
  • Deployment Fundamentals
  • Psychological First Aid: Helping Others in Times of Stress
  • Everyone is Welcome
  • Mission Cards - Cardholder Overview
  • Disaster Health Services Fundamentals 1
  • Disaster Health Services Fundamentals 2
  • Disaster Health Services Simulation
  • Red Cross Basic Life Support or CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer - American Heart Association


  • Collaborating Essentials
  • Shelter Resident Transition for Those Working in a Shelter
  • Care Assistant Fundamentals
  • Basic Instructor Fundamentals
  • Staff Wellness Fundamentals
  • Mass Care: An Overview
  • Reunification Fundamentals
  • Shelter Fundamentals v2
  • Supervising the Disaster Workforce
  • Integrated Care Condolence Team Fundamentals
  • Mass Casualty Incident Response Basics
  • Disaster Action Team Fundamentals
  • Detailed Damage Assessment for Disaster Action Team Response Operations

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