NHQ:ISD-QDL-DMERL: Quantitative Researcher [Short Term Project]

NHQ:ISD-QDL-DMERL: Quantitative Researcher [Short Term Project]

This position supports the National Headquarters (NHQ) International Services Department (ISD) Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (DMERL) team. This is a remote (volunteer-from-home) opportunity. The International Services department is seeking a quantitative researcher with financial/budget analysis experience to carry out a project assessing cost effectiveness of the International Federation of the Red Cross’ (IFRC) anticipatory action investments. The goal of the research is to understand whether there is a correlation between investments in anticipatory action (i.e. acting before a disaster strikes) and a reduction in disaster response/recovery budgets. The volunteer researcher will be provided some historical financial/budget information in which to analyze. Based on findings using available financial information, the researcher will then be tasked with recommending a methodology to further estimate whether investments in anticipatory action leads to a reduction in the cost of disaster relief/recovery operations globally.

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Remote: National Headquarters,Remote: Northeast Division,Virtual Volunteer

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct quantitative/financial analysis using existing financial data to determine whether there is evidence to suggest investing in anticipatory action is cost effective (budget/spending information will be provided to volunteer)
  • Review literature on similar/relevant cost effectiveness studies
  • Based on findings from available budget/financial data and existing literature, recommend a methodology to further investigate/answer the research question. The methodology proposed will be recommended to the IFRC as the next phase of the research.
  • Draft a brief report that includes preliminary findings based on analysis of available/existing financial information (correlations or trends to suggest an answer to the research question); the key limitations and gaps in information; a methodology to further investigate the research question using sound and reliable quantitative methods.




  • Resume Required
  • Interest in contributing skills to global volunteer operations across the world and in the US 
  • Experienced quantitative researcher with a financial/budget analysis background 
  • Experience conducting cost effectiveness or impact studies for complex international projects/programs
  • Quantitative modelling, forecasting and/or financial trend analysis skills 
  • Ability to visualize and synthesize trends and correlations in financial and spending data 
  • Experience using online programs including Outlook, Teams and Zoom
  • Willingness to comply with current public health and Red Cross policies



  • Experience within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement or knowledge of anticipatory action interventions in humanitarian response


General orientation to ISD and the parameters of the project (RCRC Movement and the intervention to be analyzed) will be provided once candidate is selected.

Development Opportunities

  • Learning opportunity as it relates to international Red Cross and Red Crescent network
  • Gain deeper understanding of IFRC’s approach to anticipatory action/early action interventions in international disaster response
  • Interact with a variety of people from different ISD units and within the IFRC
  • Opportunity to attend any learning events and brown bags available to staff

Length of Appointment

6 weeks

Time Commitment

20 working days to complete over a 6-week period (can be completed at own pace)

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