NHQ:SAF - OPS: Program Management: Medical Compliance Partner

NHQ:SAF - OPS: Program Management: Medical Compliance Partner

This position supports the National Headquarters (NHQ) Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) department. This opportunity requires virtual participation and requires the tools and resources to perform job duties from a remote-at-home environment. The volunteer in this role will oversee the process that supports the Reserve Deployment Corps medical compliance. The Medical Compliance Partner will be responsible for the data and management of the deployment corps team’s medical records including ensuring all requirements are completed prior to deployment departure. The SAF Program Management department works to coordinate the volunteers and staff who deploy overseas in support of Service to the Armed Forces work. The work of this volunteer will primarily focus on the deployment corps and the reservists who are not currently deployed.

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Remote: National Headquarters,Remote: Northeast Division,Virtual Volunteer

Key Responsibilities

  • Be knowledgeable about department playbook, overview, rules and regulations including and importantly, medical needs
  • Provide guidance and tools for supervisors to effectively manage the tasks necessary for the position.
  • Determine procedure eligibility
  • Facilitate and evaluate health history and medical records check
  • Comply with applicable Federal, State and local regulations as well as all American Red Cross policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Attend relevant meetings, skill competency assessments, and updates
  • Maintain database of medical checks needed and ensure all volunteers and staff have completed all required eligibility items
  • Follow up with staff and volunteers when certain medical items are missing
  • Maintain calendar of requirements for each staff/volunteer to ensure completion in a timely manner prior to departure


Specific tasks could include:

  • Conduct call screenings with new hires to review medical history and identify contraindications to employment
  • Assist gathering medical requirement information from Mobile Staff & Reserves
  • Notification of requirement renewal dates for deployers
  • Assist in managing deployers medical documents in a secure location
  • Update medical information in SAF database, an excel spreadsheet, and review for accuracy
  • Collaborate with volunteer RNs on various projects



  • Enthusiastic about Red Cross mission and programs
  • Cultural sensitivity to diverse audiences
  • Work well both individually and with others
  • Relevant, complementary management and/or technical skills/operational experience
  • Data management skills
  • Experience understanding health systems and necessary health compliance checks
  • Knowledge of the deployment process for mobile staff and volunteers
  • Knowledge of the overseas locations that the Service to the Armed Forces department supports



  • Education: 4-year college degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Discipline/Major Nursing
  • Professional Certifications/Licenses Registered RN License



  • Knowledge of the medical requirements for the Reserve Deployment Corps
  • Previous military experience or experience with family deploying


  • Department overview
  • Appropriate training for medical compliance and confidentiality

Development Opportunities

  • Relationship building
  • Enhance leadership and communication skills
  • Interact with and meet a variety of people
  • Team building with the Red Cross, volunteers, and community partners

Length of Appointment

1 year, renewable

Time Commitment

5 to 10 hours per week, working remotely

Must be available at least 3 business days a week

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