SAF- Volunteer Partner

SAF- Volunteer Partner

This position supports the Regional Service to the Armed Forces department. A Volunteer Partner serves as a peer and confidante working collaboratively with a Red Cross leader to achieve Red Cross goals and objectives.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

 • Develop and execute an implementation work plan outlining objectives, strategies, and tactics supporting the [Functional Area’s] priorities. Set realistic targets and focus on delivering results.

• Proactively identify and respond to challenges impacting the [Functional Area’s] priorities with steps to address those challenges in the context of the [Functional Area’s] talent and its ability to execute.

• Build a culture that supports the Red Cross mission.

• Develop/build [Functional Area’s] team of skilled volunteers.

• Recruit volunteers to ensure redundancy in managing key implementation planning processes and/or critical operations functions.

• Identify roles for volunteers based of the implementation plan as well as delegate and mentor volunteers in a supportive manner.

• Incorporate training program into volunteer work plans to strengthen the team.

• Design an ongoing succession plan, consistent with the development/training program.

• Key Involvement in Ad Hoc projects (both tactical and strategic) as and when required.

• [Outline specific Functional Area Responsibilities and goals ]


• EXAMPLE: CEO Volunteer Partner

• Priority1: Fundraising & Financial Management (Objective: Develop and implement fundraising program targeting largest regional commercial organizations)

• Priority2: Face of the Red Cross in the Community (Objective: Establish and/or increase engagement in effective relationships with leaders in businesses, community organizations, state/local governmental agencies, faith-based entities)

• Priority3: Leadership and Management Development (Objective: Provide coaching and guidance to senior staff and volunteer leadership team members and ensure that a professional development culture permeates the region.)



  • Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and submission of vaccine status and supporting documentation in Volunteer Connection if participating in in-person activities and/or performing work in a Red Cross facility.
  • Enthusiastic about Red Cross mission and programs
  • Proven leadership in nonprofit or for-profit organizations
  • Cultural sensitivity to diverse audiences
  • Knowledge and understanding of Red Cross services and operations and opportunities for volunteer service
  • Work well both individually and with others
  • Relevant, complementary management and/or technical skills/operational experience
  • Strategic thinking including ability to understand and communicate the organization’s vision and mission, and process-oriented with regards to decision making and implementation planning
    • Team building, talent management, and succession planning skills to grow the organization’s capabilities
    • Relationship building skills working collaboratively with staff partners as well as board members, senior management, and other volunteer partners as needed
    • Understanding the value of volunteers and providing leadership and support to ensure volunteers are productive and have a mutually rewarding experience


  • Orientation to the American Red Cross
  • On-the-job training from supervisor, as needed

Development Opportunities

  • Community advocacy and leadership
  • Relationship building
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills
  • Interact with and meet a variety of people
  • Team building with the Red Cross, volunteers and community partners
  • Expand knowledge base in humanitarian efforts and emergency/disaster response
  • Become a member of the Board of Director

Length of Appointment

One year appointment, renewable annually based on satisfactory performance of position.

Time Commitment

Approximately 10 hours per week, working remotely and/or on site

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