NHQ:BIO - Public Health Intervention Volunteer

NHQ:BIO - Public Health Intervention Volunteer

This position supports the National Headquarters (NHQ) Biomedical Services department. This is a 100% virtual (volunteer-from-home) opportunity. The American Red Cross Biomedical Services Division collects blood from volunteer donors on a daily basis. The Red Cross is interested in improving donor health and access to healthcare by identifying and understanding factors that impact donor health and designing effective interventions. In particular, we would like to find strategies to improve anemia, diabetes, and hypertension among blood donors.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Work the medical and scientific office on support of data visualization, with a special focus on superimposition of social determinants of donor health onto assessments of anemia, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Assist in the development of machine learning models to predict the development of disease in the donor population.
  • Work collaboratively within the organization to develop effective interventions to improve donor health. This will include integrating best practices from other initiatives within the organization.


  • Reliable access to resources needed to volunteer 100% virtually.
  • Strongly prefer experience with large datasets, statistical analysis programs (e.g., R) and analytics and visualization applications (e.g., tableau).
  • Minimum Education: BS or post grad preferred.
  • Resume Required


Red Cross systems

Development Opportunities

  • The volunteer will be able to help develop and present public presentations, within Red Cross as well as at medical and public health societies.
  • The volunteer will be included in academic writing projects, including abstracts and medical papers. Opportunities to lead some of these projects will be considered based on the volunteer’s interest and experience.
  • The volunteer will be able to see the impact of their work on donor health.

Length of Appointment

6 months, renewable.

Time Commitment

Variable, but averaging 5 hours per week.

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