Field: Volunteer Medical Screener- Blood Services- San Gabriel and Pomona Valley

Field: Volunteer Medical Screener- Blood Services- San Gabriel and Pomona Valley

This position supports the Regional Biomedical Services department. This opportunity requires participation in in-person activities and/or performing work in a Red Cross facility. Provide support to blood collection operation by performing regulated medical screening of potential blood donors.

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America Red Cross Serving the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys

Key Responsibilities

  • Collect and confirm donor demographics
  • Determine procedure eligibility
  • Conduct physical exam, to include oral temperature, pulse, BP and hematocrit by accepted process
  • Facilitate and evaluate health history (typically self-administered by donor)
  • Comply with applicable Federal, State and local regulations as well as all American Red Cross policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Attend relevant meetings, skill competency assessments, and updates
  • Being punctual and dependable for all assignments


Reports to Team Supervisor or Charge Staff, partners with Collections Team and Volunteer Engagement Team

Development Opportunities

  • Gain valuable training/experience while providing an invaluable service to your community
  • Use and validate your training and skills at a nationally recognized organization
  • Ability to become a volunteer leader
  • Establish professional references
  • Establish a record of excellence to ensure donor and patient safety (also in case a paid staff opportunities become available)


    • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies.
    • Willingness to carry vaccination card to work assignments.
    • Willingness to support Red Cross Mission
    • Must be age 18 or olderand hold a HS diploma or equivalent
    • Ability to use and understand technology needed for position
    • Customer service experience, effective verbal communication, and public relations skills are required
    • Must be able to follow Standard Operating Procedure instructions and training


    Exposure levels are based on the essential functions as stated in this position description; however, in some instances, variances may occur due to the applicable nature of this position within a particular work site. Therefore, the work site may determine the exposure level to be greater than or less than the below stated level. 


    This position is an exposure determination: 1 in view of the fact that the position requires the incumbent work under conditions where the potential exists for the incumbent to make contact with blood or blood components as a result of splashes, spills, and/or needlesticks. 



  • Virtual, classroom and on-the-job instruction.
  • Classroom training is conducted during traditional business hours. Includes:
    • 15-hour national orientation to the American Red Cross and Self-Paced Computer based Training plus 8-24 hours of local orientation
    • 56 hours virtual training
  • On the Job Training hours will vary depending on blood drives
  • 48 hours OJT

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