LOCAL - Communications: Communications Volunteer

LOCAL - Communications: Communications Volunteer

Red Cross Communications volunteers are part of a professional volunteer team that develop and deliver the Red Cross story behind-the-scenes, on-camera, in-person and online through media channels, websites, social media feeds and other content platforms.

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Bronx County,Fairfield County (Greenwich CT),Kings County (Brooklyn),Nassau County,New York County (Manhattan),Queens County,Richmond County (Staten Island),Rockland County,Suffolk County,Westchester County

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist the Red Cross GNY media relations team in shaping and sharing the Red Cross Story to various audiences across media platforms.
  • Work with chapter and regional leadership to write and pitch local stories to local media.
  • Serve as a communications representative at non-disaster events, trainings, interviews, etc.: coordinating with media, posting photos and videos to Red Cross social media platforms, managing photographers and videographers, etc.
  • Write and distribute media advisories and press releases.
  • IF AVAILABLE, be on call during shifts to vet and assess media inquiries, share information (via web, social media and traditional media) on smaller incidents, and notify leadership of need to scale up response.
  • Serve as media spokesperson, if possible, for local news outlets in person, over the phone or through Skype interviews.
  • Maintain media log of queries.
  • Create and maintain media lists.
  • Protect the reputation of the Red Cross by identifying and assessing potential for harm to Red Cross brand, misinformation or information gaps.
  • Support social media outreach when needed

During Disasters:

  • Carry out the same duties from: Red Cross shelters, aid stations, warehouses, emergency operations centers, etc.
  • When needed, serve as communications support at the scene of a disaster: coordinate with media, assign and staff appropriate spokespeople, post photos and videos to Red Cross accounts, etc.


Communications, marketing and development staff; Red Cross leadership; Red Cross volunteers and paid staff, and community partners.


  • Orientation to the American Red Cross
  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview (Online)
  • Public Affairs Essentials (Online)
  • Greater NY Red Cross Communications overview (In-person)
  • Social Media Basics (online)

Development Opportunities

  • Obtain Red Cross training and network opportunities
  • Hands-on experience with professional non-profit organization and staff
  • Opportunity for bylines
  • Opportunities for media mentions and on-camera interviews


  • Communications education and/or experience
  • Submission of resume and writing samples required

Time Commitment

Flexible. Time Commitment depends on needs of the regional communications department.

Minimum 8 hours required a month

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