DIV:DCS - Division Preparedness Associate (Pacific)

DIV:DCS - Division Preparedness Associate (Pacific)

This position supports the Divisional Disaster Cycle Services (DCS) team. This is a 100% virtual (volunteer-from-home) opportunity. This associate position supports the Pacific Division Preparedness Advisor (DPA) and regional preparedness managers in effective disaster preparedness programming. This is an administrative support position, responsible for assisting the DPA and regional managers in planning, implementing, supporting, documenting, and promoting effective Regional preparedness programs.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

In this position, you will specialize in one of these six programs:  

  • Be Red Cross Ready.  
  • Hands Only CPR Ready Rating,
  • Home Fire Campaign
  • Prepare with Pedro, or, Pillowcase Project.
  • You will provide administrative support to the DPA and to regional preparedness managers.
  • The DPA and regional preparedness managers, whom you will assist with administrative tasks, provide programming to prepare community members for home fires, earthquakes, and other disasters, as follows:
  • Provide ongoing supervision to the preparedness volunteers.
  • Plan strategically to meet their fiscal year targets for preparedness programs.
  • Ensure all program standards and procedures are being followed Work with volunteer services to recruit volunteers.
  • Ensure program events and activities are scheduled and staffed appropriately.
  • Consult with regional communications and marketing teams and media to promote programs.
  • Work with all Red Cross lines of service to build a robust outreach and community engagement program.
  • Coordinate with local teams to build partnerships with Fire Departments, Schools, Social Service Providers, and other disaster partners as it relates to program delivery.
  • Advocate for availability of required training for the Regions (in collaboration with Regional Disaster Workforce Engagement);
  • Attend training webinars, meetings, and workshops, led by the National Headquarters or Divisional team, as appropriate.
  • Interpret and provide evaluation of performance against Divisional and Regional Preparedness Goals.
  • Ensure all data is reported according to program parameters, and complete required tasks, such as inventory counts, in a timely fashion.
  • Provide timely feedback to Regional points of contact regarding program planning and volunteer and partner engagement
  • Provide documentation for possible lives saved.
  • Provide recognition for successful completion of regional tasks; and, coordinate region-wide program administration to ensure that all territories/chapters are equipped to meet goals, adhere to program guidelines, and aware of reporting deadlines and instructions.
  • Ensure all program standards and procedures are being followed.



  • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies for in-person volunteer activities.
  • Experience with preparedness programs (Red Cross or otherwise). Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in administrative support roles.
  • Ability to complete administrative tasks in an organized and detail-oriented fashion, especially with data and spreadsheets.  
  • Demonstrates integrity, trustworthiness, empathy, and responsibility.
  • Relates effectively with diverse groups and individuals.
  • Reliable and consistent. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and capable on Microsoft Teams.


  • Demonstrate inquisitiveness, vision, and independent problem-solving. Associate project manager experience


1) Review Preparedness Program Doctrine on Exchange

2) Complete the following EDGE training courses:

  • 1. Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview
  • 2. Everyone is Welcome
  • 3. Concepts of Operations Basics
  • 4. Basic Instructor Fundamentals
  • 5. Basic Instructor Specialty Training 

3)Attend preparedness program in the specialty you are applying for (Be Red Cross Ready, Hands Only CPR, Ready Rating, etc.)

4) Attend Smoke Alarm installation event

5) If you plan on delivering program yourself, additional training and job-shadowing as determined by DDD).

Development Opportunities

Leadership, planning, community engagement, team building

Length of Appointment

Two Year Appointment, renewable annually by DDD

Time Commitment

As needed to complete key administrative responsibilities assisting the DPA. Could range from a few hours a week to 10 or more, depending on division and region needs at various times of the year. Some availability during business hours for collaboration is required. Must be available for virtual all-team meeting on the second Wednesday of every month from 1:00 - 2:30 PT.

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