FD: Fundraising Onboarding Lead (Hybrid)

FD: Fundraising Onboarding Lead (Hybrid)

This position supports the Regional Development/Fundraising department. The purpose of the Fundraising Onboarding Lead is to ensure that all new volunteers establish a positive relationship with the department and their Volunteer Supervisor. The Onboarding Lead ensures that Volunteer Supervisors understand the four essentials of onboarding and their responsibilities in the onboarding process. The Onboarding Lead ensures that the onboarding steps are being completed for every volunteer. The Fundraising Onboarding Lead does not provide onboarding directly to new volunteers, but instead ensures that department Volunteer Supervisors are equipped and prepared to provide onboarding to the volunteers they supervise. The onboarding process welcomes the volunteers to the department, introduces the volunteer to how the department supports the Red Cross mission, ensures the volunteers understand the scope and duties of their position and has the resources to be set up for success.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Provide oversight to onboarding tasks ensuring all new department volunteers are welcomed, introduced to their volunteer supervisor and provided department and position onboarding.
  • Ensure Volunteer Supervisors understand the four essentials of onboarding and their responsibilities in the onboarding process.
  • Train department volunteer supervisors how to utilize onboarding tools and checklist.
  • Provide coaching to volunteer supervisors on how to effectively onboard a volunteer.
  • Work with volunteer supervisors to ensure that volunteer positions have onboarding and training plans prior to volunteers start date.
  • Ensure Department has a ready-to-go Department Overview session that provides a basic overview of how the department supports the Red Cross mission; how the work of the volunteer supports the Red Cross mission; department structure and priorities; appropriate systems, policies, procedures; department culture (e.g., department meeting schedule and informal/formal events) and how to update their profile and submit hours in Volunteer Connection.
  • Work with volunteer supervisors to ensure that onboarding task completion is tracked in Volunteer Connection.
  • Run onboarding report regularly and share with volunteer supervisors who have outstanding tasks to be completed.
  • Actively participate on the Fundraising Engagement Team.
  • Collaborate with Volunteer Supervisors to ensure volunteer satisfaction with the onboarding process.
  • Participate in the annual Volunteer Workforce Planning Process.


  • Orientation to the American Red Cross
  • PMDP Volunteer Supervisor Courses: (required)
    • Effective Onboarding and Training
    • Volunteer Connection Basics: Profiles, Hours Manager and GroupShare
    • Engaging Remote Volunteers
  • PMDP Volunteer Supervisor Courses: (recommended)
    • Leading and Empowering Volunteers
    • Effective Volunteer Feedback and Feedforward
    • Setting Expectations and Developing Work Plans
    • Conducting and Documenting Performance Reviews
    • Volunteer Recognition
  • Department specific training as needed

Development Opportunities

  • Team building and collaboration within the department
  • Regional leadership positions
  • Additional volunteer engagement positions
  • Leadership and supervisory experience


  • Enthusiastic about Red Cross mission and programs, required
  • Cultural sensitivity to diverse audiences, required
  • Knowledge and understanding of Red Cross services and operations and opportunities for volunteer service, preferred
  • Work well both individually and with others, required
  • Experience in interviewing and onboarding employees or volunteers, required
  • Experience in providing orientation or introductory trainings, required
  • Supervisory or management experience, required
  • Relationship building skills, required
  • Ability to work collaboratively with staff/volunteer partners as well as board members, and senior management, required
  • Understanding of the value of volunteer service and ability to provide leadership and support to ensure volunteers have a rewarding experience, required
  • Willingness to comply with current public health and Red Cross policies.

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