NHQ:BIO - Supply Chain - Employee Engagement Volunteer Partner

NHQ:BIO - Supply Chain - Employee Engagement Volunteer Partner

This position supports the Biomedical Services (BIO) department. This is a remote (volunteer-from-home) position. The National Volunteer for Employee Engagement Volunteer Partner’s primary responsibility is to provide leadership, strategic direction, event planning and execution, tactical tools and communications resources designed to enhance employee engagement for Biomedical Services Supply Chain employees.

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Bronx County,Fairfield County (Greenwich CT),Kings County (Brooklyn),Long Island Chapter,Nassau County,New York County (Manhattan),Queens County,Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity,Richmond County (Staten Island),Rockland County,Suffolk County,Westchester County

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist the Biomedical Services Supply Chain leadership team in achieving its Employee Engagement goals and performance targets.
  • Coordinate and assist with facilitating or leading meetings related to employee engagement, communicates, and develops engagement goals and expectations, and reports to the leadership team, as determined by the Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Office on work and progress.
  • Prepare materials for participants and provide/respond to evaluation and provide tech savvy, high-quality communication in-print and online, providing necessary reports in a timely manner.
  • Develop relationships with other Red Cross departments that will assist with the scheduling of special events.


  • This role requires candidates to be able to perform duties that can include but are not limited to the following:
    • Meet with event stakeholders to gain an understanding of the event's purpose and goals
    • Outline the scope of the event, including time, date, location, and budget
    • Scout and inspect event venues (when in-person)
    • Select or recommend speakers and keynotes
    • Work with vendors to get bids and determine best fits for the budget and goals of the event
    • Coordinate event logistics and services, including technology and equipment needed to run the event, food, drinks, transportation, lodging, and more
    • Manage the event budget and ensure event stays within guidelines; Coordinate with Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Office to support vendors being paid



  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience leading or producing online and in-person events
  • Experience leading or producing a series of events unified by a theme or purpose
  • Background in Communications or Event Planning
  • Organizational, content-delivery and technical skills with a broad understanding of remote engagement and the technical programs associated: TEAMS, webinars, PowerPoint, social media platforms, etc.
  • Natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.
  • Exhibits integrity, credibility and has a passion to support the department.  
  • Recognizes needs and designs engagement activities with the cultural profile and diversity of the Supply Chain community in mind.
  • Comfortable working in a virtual environment



  • Knowledgeable and respected in their sphere of influence and particularly understands the organization’s Engagement goals, objectives, and current available services


  • Orientation to the American Red Cross
  •  On-the-job training with supervisor

Development Opportunities

Expand current skills; Utilize skills or branch into HR-type positions

Length of Appointment

Minimum 12 month commitment, renewable

Time Commitment

10+ hours/week

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