SAF: Logistic Team Member

SAF: Logistic Team Member

The purpose of this position is to provide leadership to Service to Armed Forces workers in performing logistics leadership during preparedness, response, and recovery within a region.

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Key Responsibilities

·         Participate on team responsible for the execution of the logistics program within the region.

·         Support vehicle tracking, acquisition of materials, facilities and warehousing.

·         Additional duties as assigned, which could include:

o    Maintaining a list of all fleet vehicles

o    Ensuring routine maintenance is completed on all vehicles

o    Maintaining service records relating to vehicles

o    Ordering supplies

o    Facility inspections

o    Local procurement

o    Managing Supply Inventory

o    Picking up supplies around the state and moving them to the joint-Base

o    Storing supplies


Required Qualifications:

·         Good organizational skills, responsible and punctual.

·         Comfortable driving to donation sites throughout the state

·         Ability to participate and contribute in regular meetings.

·         Ability to work independently and within a team.

·         Demonstrates active listening skills.

·         Ability to implement Standards and Procedures and follow associated job tools including reporting requirements.

·         Ability to complete assigned tasks.

·         Ability to place orders for goods and services.

·         Familiarity with proper moving of materials in a warehouse.

·         Ability to learn how to in identify, organize, plan & allocate resources.

·         Familiarity with or working knowledge of shipping, receiving, and storing material.

Preferred Qualifications:

·         Military Base Access

Time Commitment

Varies depending on regional projects and priorities.


·                   Logistics Team Leader

·                   Logistics Operational State opportunities




  • SAF 101
  • Logistics: An Overview 

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