NHQ:ISD - SLT - Volunteer Partner, Organizational Design and Workforce Planning

NHQ:ISD - SLT - Volunteer Partner, Organizational Design and Workforce Planning

This position supports the National Headquarters (NHQ) International Services Department (ISD) and Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) team. This is a 100% remote (volunteer-from-home opportunity). Overseas, the American Red Cross works with our Red Cross and Red Crescent peers to help prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and crises around the world. The American Red Cross also helps members of the military, veterans and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to, the challenges of military service. The Operations division focuses on creating an enabling environment for ISD and SAF programs, including responsibility to ensure our workforce is aligned to optimally deliver on evolving strategy for both departments. This Volunteer Partner position will support the Operations division Executive Director to lead going workforce planning to best align staff and volunteers within the overall table of organization, clarify roles and responsibilities between positions and address competency gaps.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as a trusted advisor and subject-matter expert for organizational design and workforce planning activities across SAF and ISD
  • Lead the development of a strategic workforce roadmap for ISD and SAF, to ensure alignment with strategy and shifting stakeholder demands
  • Advise on opportunities to increase utilization of volunteers in key business functions
  • Advise on improvements required to tools to better forecast workload demands
  • Advise on surge workforce strategies to ensure adequate staffing is available to deploy as needs arise
  • Recruit, mentor and oversee volunteers to complete organizational design and workforce planning projects
  • Develop and oversee execution of communications and change management strategies for organizational design initiatives
  • Oversee job description standardization and alignment by business function
  • Lead and facilitate workforce planning initiatives including critical role/capability identification, gap analysis, and action planning
  • Conduct interviews and facilitate team discussions aimed at clarifying and documenting roles and responsibilities between teams and functions



  • Experience managing volunteers and/or employees
  • Experience conducting business analysis and providing recommendations on how to structure the workforce to improve mission results
  • Experience facilitating change management and forging consensus with diverse groups
  • Experience planning and overseeing projects to deliver on time, scope and budget
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to organize and present information clearly and concisely to a variety of audiences.


  • Experience leading exercises to clarify and streamline roles and responsibilities across functions and teams

  • Experience developing and/or updating tables of organization and job descriptions to align functions and enhance teamwork

  • Experience conducting time to task analysis to assess work volume and determine appropriate staffing level

  • Experience leading projects and change programs with impact at the organizational level


General ISD/SAF Orientation, Red Cross Orientation

Development Opportunities

  • Apply business skills to enhance programs that benefit military families as well as vulnerable communities overseas
  • Learn about the international Red Cross and Red Crescent, including engaging with peers in other countries
  • Enhance leadership and cross-cultural competencies
  • Gain experience at the NHQ level overseeing projects that impact the Red Cross workforce on a global scale

  • Interact with senior IS leaders at both NHQ and overseas

  • Expand professional network while gaining NHQ management experience and knowledge of SAF and IS overseas operations

Length of Appointment

1 year, renewable

Time Commitment

40-60 hours per month (averaging 10-15 hours per week

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