* Disaster Action Team (DAT) - Respond as a team to provide immediate support to clients affected by home fires and other disasters

* Disaster Action Team (DAT) - Respond as a team to provide immediate support to clients affected by home fires and other disasters

This position supports the Regional Disaster Cycle Services (DCS) department. Most of the 60,000 emergencies that the Red Cross responds to each year are local, personal disasters like home fires. Disaster Action Teams (DAT) provide emotional support, financial assistance, and information to help families begin the process of recovery. Disaster Action Team (DAT) Specialists respond to local disasters and provide immediate compassion and care to clients.

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Region Wide

Key Responsibilities

  • Works as part of an assigned team to respond to local disasters within established timelines defined in the Disaster Action Team Program Standards & Procedures.
  • Commits to being available during assigned shifts in RC Respond, the DAT scheduling system, and communicating scheduling conflicts with DAT Leadership.
  • Maintains regular communication with Duty Officer and other members of the team while assigned to an event to ensure continuity and safety.
  • Provides care, comfort and compassion to clients (in accordance with Red Cross standards and procedures).
  • Works with on-scene DAT leader to assess whether additional resources/support are required and communicates those needs to DAT Leadership
  • Completes second responder confirmations in RC Care, the client case work system.
  • Attends regularly scheduled team/DAT meetings as required by Chapter/Region.
  • Maintains RC Care Intake Trainee user access.



  • Comfortable using and learning new technology
  • Reliable access to a cell phone (with ability to receive text messages), laptop or computer.
  • Able to respond reliably to local disasters when signed up for a shift.
  • Able to follow Red Cross DAT and other related standards and procedures.
  • Commitment to use RC Care and RC Respond systems as needed.
  • Able to work in challenging and stressful conditions such as poor air quality, uneven ground, adverse weather, etc.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must have a valid driver's license and/or a timely, reliable way to get to a disaster scene.
  • Able to take direction from leadership.
  • Strong verbal communications skills
  • Willingness to comply with current public health and Red Cross policies

Refer to the Physical Capacity Grid for physical and emotional requirements.


See the Disaster Responder Training Requirements document  for current training requirements.

Development Opportunities

DAT Service Associate, Caseworker

Length of Appointment

Once trained may remain active as long as required training is updated. DAT membership will be evaluated and renewed yearly based on performance

Time Commitment


Minimum 2 on-call shifts per month. (Shifts are 6 hours: 6am-noon, noon-6pm, 6pm-midnight, midnight-6am)

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