Lead: Service to the Armed Forces - VA Deputy

Lead: Service to the Armed Forces - VA Deputy

This leadership position is responsible for supporting coordination between the Red Cross and VA Health Care Facilities in the local area.

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Field: Variable throughout LA County

Key Responsibilities

• Supports and acts as a local liaison on behalf of the Red Cross
• Ensure all potential VA Voluntary Services (VAVS) volunteers are registered with the local Red Cross unit, receive volunteer orientation, are assisted with the VAVS application and placement and receive information on volunteer opportunities with the VA
• Promote the recruitment of volunteers and donations of financial and material resources in accordance with facility needs
• Attend and participate in quarterly VAVS meetings, serve on VAVS Sub-committees and task groups and assist with improving the overall VAVS program
• Coordinate with the VAVS Program Manager to perform the Annual Joint Review (AJR)
• Facilitate volunteer placement in coordination with the VA Program Manager and workplace supervisor and assist VA staff when an affiliated volunteer must be removed for cause
• Maintain records and submit reports as required by the Red Cross and VA
• Share VAVS committee voting privileges with appointed deputy as needed
• Attend quarterly phone meetings with the assigned Red Cross National Deputy and Division Staff.


• Broad understanding of the American Red Cross and its opportunities for volunteer service
• Basic computer and organizational skills
• Ability to communicate and work with other leaders in a management team relationship
• Ability to show initiative and work independently
• Program management experience is a plus but not required
• Must be able to achieve a successful VA background check/security badging check

Time Commitment

Established by the local Red Cross unit with a minimum of 10 hours per month

Development Opportunities

VAVS Committee Leadership
VAVS National Leadership

Length of Appointment

Indefinite until successor


SAF/VAVS National Leadership, Division/Region Red Cross Leadership, VA Medical Center Leadership, VAVS Program Manager


• Orientation to the American Red Cross
• VAVS Orientation at the local VA
• Specific job related training provided by the VAVS Program Manager
• VAVS related on the job training provided by the local Red Cross

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