NHQ:COMM - Public Inquiry Volunteer

NHQ:COMM - Public Inquiry Volunteer

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Virtual Assignment

Key Responsibilities

  • Respond via email to questions and concerns from Red Cross donors, volunteers, and the public that are reported to a shared inbox via redcross.org.
  • Respond via phone call to questions and concerns from Red Cross donors, volunteers, and the public when requested by supervisor.
  • Provide guidance, kindness and customer service to those who are seeking help.


This position supports the National Headquarters (NHQ) Communications (COMM) department, specifically the Public Inquiry team. This is a 100% virtual (volunteer-from-home) opportunity. The NHQ Public Inquiry team responds to questions and concerns from Red Cross donors, volunteers, and the public on behalf of all Red Cross departments. Public Inquiry volunteers represent Red Cross when responding to emails and calls that the team receives. The goal of the Public Inquiry team is to provide helpful information and assistance to existing donors and the public as well as to alleviate concerns they may have. In addition, the Public Inquiry team aims to ensure that the recipient feels that Red Cross cares about their request. When a major disaster hits, the Public Inquiry team also responds to questions from disaster victims and kind offers from the public.



  • Reliable access to resources needed to volunteer 100% virtually
  • Communications and/or public relations and/or public affairs experience
  • Applicants must be over age 18
  • Prior Red Cross volunteer experience with basic knowledge of Red Cross programs and services
  • Good communication skills and enjoys writing
  • Comfortable using Microsoft Outlook
  • Experience using or comfort learning Salesforce
  • Ability to be kind and patient with stakeholders when responding via email or phone
  • A caring heart and a sincere desire to help people
  • Ability to remain patient and calm even if the inquirer is upset
  • Self-motivated
  • Good at problem solving
  • Ability to manage stressful situations (some people are in crisis)


  • Experience in Communications and/or Public Relations 


Part of onboarding.

  • Required to take brief Data Privacy training upon acceptance
  • Required to sign Confidentiality Agreement upon acceptance
  • Volunteer will be taught to use a basic Salesforce relationship management software, which is used for all public inquiries upon acceptance

Development Opportunities

This role provides an opportunity to enhance your skills in Public Communication/building rapport with stakeholders, problem solving and becoming adept at Salesforce “Customer Relationship Management” software….and the reward of helping others in the process!

Length of Appointment

Minimum commitment:    6 months; renewable if interested

Time Commitment

Minimum 5 hours per week, with more hours available if desired


Note: Volunteer hours are available 7 days per week during the day and evening with a flexible schedule.

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