Virtual: Service to the Armed Forces - Wellness Calls

Virtual: Service to the Armed Forces - Wellness Calls

This position supports the Regional Service to the Armed Forces department. This is a 100% virtual (volunteer-from-home) opportunity. This is a community-based assignment where the volunteer will utilize a quiet, private area to provide weekly virtual conversations (using phone, tablet, computer) with homebound Veterans or inpatients who are seeking to make a connection outside of their current environment and/or to provide support and communication to the Veteran’s caregiver. Volunteers will be trained and matched with veterans for 1:1 socialization. These are friendly visits with no medical or home-care duties.

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Field: Variable throughout LA County

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide quality 1:1 social interaction, engaging Veterans in meaningful conversations
  • Schedule and participate in regular telephone or video visits which may consist of conversing with the Veteran/Caregiver for a mutually agreed upon time frame (generally but not limited to 15-30 minutes) to convey support and concern
  • Immediately report any problems, or concerns conveyed by the Veteran and/or caregiver to the local VA Compassionate Contact Corps Coordinator who works as the liaison to the Veteran’s primary care team


  • American Red Cross Orientation
  • VA Onboarding
  • VAVS Orientation
  • Compassionate Contact Corps Orientation
  • Job specific orientations to include: HIPAA, Suicide Prevention, Customer Service Training/Telephone Visitor Orientation

Development Opportunities

Volunteer gets the opportunity to build 1:1 connection with one of our nation’s heroes



  • Reliable access to resources needed to volunteer 100% virtually
  • Current Red Cross volunteer,
  • Comfortable having conversations virtually using platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, etc. or by phone
  • Sensitive to the needs of Veterans/Caregivers in stressful situations
  • Empathetic and compassionate listener
  • Ability to maintain privacy and confidentiality as mandated by HIPAA
  • Must be willing to communicate regularly with the local Compassionate Contact Corps Coordinator
  • Good people skills, excellent communication/listening skills
  • Excellent phone proficiency such as a clear voice, good listening skills and compassion
  • Emotionally mature, positive and service-oriented
  • Ability to work independently
  • Volunteer to provide own means (phone/computer) of communication

Must be over the age of 18

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