NHQ:Finance - Disaster Finance - DRO Case Sampling Analyst

NHQ:Finance - Disaster Finance - DRO Case Sampling Analyst

This position supports the National Headquarters (NHQ) Disaster Finance (DF) team. The purpose of this position is to help ensure compliance with internal policies, related to financial assistance paid through the RC Care platform, and to identify exceptions to standards in order to ensure financial assistance provided during a national Disaster Relief Operation (DRO) is compliant with Recovery Procedures. This is a remote (work-from-home) volunteer opportunity and the volunteer will report to the Senior Analyst of Disaster Finance. Completed tasks is returned via email within the required timeline. IMPORTANT NOTE: To maintain a strong financial control environment, two roles (i.e. Caseworker and Monitor) are not permitted in the new RC Care system. Volunteers selected for this specific position (Disaster Finance DRO Case Sampling Volunteer) will be assigned the “Monitor” role. Should you accept this role, other RC Care roles assigned to you, if any, must be forfeited.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Be knowledgeable of financial assistance practices and policies
  • Review Disaster Relief Operation (DRO) cases in the RC Care platform and verify eligibility of clients for financial assistance
  • Populate Excel templates for assigned functions to document the results of your review and email completed worksheet
  • Inform Disaster Finance and DRO of non-compliant cases
  • Communicate with affected parties for clarification as needed


  • Computer skills and Microsoft Excel skills including navigating a spreadsheet, using copy/paste, filtering and sorting, using/writing formulas, building and linking spreadsheets. (required)
  • Must be willing to be assigned and maintain a Red Cross email account in order to access to RC Cares (required)
  • Strong organizational skills with attention to details (required)
  • Ability to work independently within a remote environment (required)
  • Must have a reliable computer, phone, and high-speed internet access (required)
  • Knowledge of the Financial Controls for Direct Client Assistance Disaster Cycle Services Standards and Procedures, and the Fiscal Review Job Tool are preferred, but training will be supplied if this is not familiar

Resume is required


  • All required Red Cross orientation trainings
  • RC Care required classes for access to the systeDisasterm
  • Finance required classes

Trainings will be provided upon assignment of the position.

Development Opportunities

Volunteer will have the opportunity to gain experience in Disaster Finance Red Cross Systems and reporting.

Length of Appointment

Minimum commitment of six months, renewable as mutually agreed

Time Commitment

Two to three hours a day up to five days per week – with flexibility to work hours at your convenience as long as the task is completed by the established deadline, and depending on the scope of the Disaster Relief Operation (DRO).

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