Service to Armed Forces NWS Earle Military Clinic Professional Volunteer

Service to Armed Forces NWS Earle Military Clinic Professional Volunteer

This position supports the Regional Service to the Armed Forces department. To provide assistance with a specific service or treatment to designated clients in an urgent care, outpatient/inpatient unit, or other health care setting in a Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) or satellite office (to include dental clinic or veterinary clinic) where specialized credentials or certification are required. These can include: Medical Doctors/Physicians; Physical Therapists; RN’s/LPN’s; Dentists; Nurse Practitioners; Phlebotomists; Lab/Radiology/Pharmacy Technicians; EMT’s (NREMT); Licensed Clinical Social Workers; Mental Health Professionals; Certified Nursing Assistants; Veterinarians.

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Key Responsibilities

• Maintain valid license/credentials/certification IAW MTF policy/Credentialing Office
• Work under direct supervision and guidance of Department, Clinic, or Officer in Charge within the scope of license and training.
• Perform duties within the scope of licensure and training and as outlined in credentials file.
• Level of responsibility will vary according to level of education, training, and experience of individual.
• Duties will vary based on license type and volunteer location and may include and not limited to: Greeting and screening patients; answering questions; taking vitals; transporting specimens to lab; assisting with patient transport; restocking medications; dispensing medications; performing diagnostic x-rays and basic lab tests; venipunctures and IVs; EKGs
• Maintain confidentiality, adhering to HIIPAA regulations
• Maintain standards of practice and ethical conduct in care and treatment of patients
• Log and file reports as needed
• Maintain professionalism and conduct in accordance with Red Cross policy
• Ensure volunteer hours are tracked per Red Cross policy
• Adhere to all safety, security, and infection control policies, procedures and guidelines per MTF policy


• Red Cross Management Team; Specified Volunteer Leaders and other volunteers; MTF staff; Department/section heads and other employees
• Patients and family members


• Orientation to the American Red Cross
• HIPAA training; All required hospital, pharmacy, emergency room, department/section training, including computer access, security and safety training
• All training necessary to maintain skills and education according to credentialing requirements
• On-the-job training as deemed appropriate by supervisor

Development Opportunities

• Attend relevant Red Cross training, applicable in-service training and workshops to help maintain skills and licensure.
• Raise awareness and represent the American Red Cross to the military community and their families


• Support Red Cross Mission
• Additional security clearance may be required in compliance with government regulations
• Valid/current license/credentials to practice in specialty area
• Valid certifications to include BCLS, ACLS, PALS or other life saving courses as required
• Ability to work with a variety of people
• Occupational health clearance and immunizations as required
• Must be able to read, understand and follow directions; able to work with supervision and/or independently
• Willingness to comply with current public health and Red Cross policies.

Time Commitment

• Business hours
• Weekly
• One year

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