Service to Armed Forces International Humanitarian Law Basic Instructor Candidate

Service to Armed Forces International Humanitarian Law Basic Instructor Candidate

This position supports the Regional Service to the Armed Forces department. International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is the body of law that applies during times of armed conflict and seeks to protect persons who are not or are no longer participating in the armed conflict and to restrict the means and methods of warfare. Basic Level Instructors are able to deliver basic level IHL content within their region. Basic level IHL content includes, the Even War has Rules class, and other content approved by the SAF Region Lead. Basics can present Intermediate Level content, providing they are doing so as a co-instructor with an Intermediate or Expert level instructor. The Red Cross IHL Team at National Headquarters (NHQ) will create and distribute content to the Instructors while the Regions will provide supervision, logistical support and planning. Instructors will coordinate all instruction and content delivery with their Regional SAF Lead to plan, facilitate and report IHL outreach and classes. Basics should be active year-round and coordinate with their SAF Region Lead and other IHL Instructors working in their regions to make sure that IHL programs are getting a wide distribution throughout their region. The NHQ IHL Team is responsible for initial training of Basics, with follow on instruction conducted by the SAF Region Lead or other IHL instructors within the region. The NHQ IHL Team will support Instructors and SAF Region Leads with continuing IHL education and assistance in delivering IHL content to their region.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Complete the Basic Level Instructor certification course.
  • Coordinate with SAF Regional Lead to plan trainings and presentations in the Instructor's region.
  • Facilitate presentations to the interested individuals (those looking for an introduction to IHL or are curious how the American Red Cross works with IHL).
  • After the presentation report attendance and responses by attendees within the IHL reporting system and to the SAF Regional Lead. 
  • Communicate as necessary with the NHQ IHL Team.
  • Conduct self-study in IHL areas to deepen knowledge and skills.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


Red Cross Regional Staff


Basic Level Instructor course

Development Opportunities

May advance up as an Instructor to Intermediate and Expert levels with increases IHL knowledge, instructor experience and training


  • Have successfully completed the Basic Level Instructor course and been certified by the Director of NHQ IHL.
  • A passion for IHL and an interest in learning more about this body of law.
  • Excellent project management, facilitation, and communication skills.
  • Must display flexibility, adaptability, initiative, and teamwork.
  • Must possess the ability to present potentially sensitive and politicized issues in compliance with the American Red Cross's neutrality mandate.
  • Must present some IHL content at least twice annually to maintain instructor certification.
  • Willingness to comply with current public health and Red Cross policies.

Time Commitment

6 Presentations per Year

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