**COVID-19 Disaster Reserve** Shelter Supervisor

**COVID-19 Disaster Reserve** Shelter Supervisor

The Shelter Supervisor is a temporary position assigned to work in person in a Red Cross shelter before, during and/or after a disaster event. Shelter Supervisors supervise a team of assigned workers to successfully complete tasks necessary for shelter operations and aid disaster clients. Shelter Supervisors guide and support the day-to-day activities within a shelter which may include working in reception, registration, feeding, dormitory, information, or other areas within a shelter.

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Field: Response Operation / Deployment

Key Responsibilities

  • Following, implementing and monitoring worker safety procedures for working in a COVID environment
  • Embodying and sharing the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross in their work with clients, disaster responders and partners
  • Providing clear expectations, feedback and coaching to team members in the provision of excellent client service and support the daily maintenance of the shelter operation at the direction of the assigned Shelter Manager
  • Using the Shift Tool during the disaster event to report availability and schedule shelter shifts
  • Completing the required virtual self-paced training (9 hours of training total)


Required Qualifications:

  • Ability to build appropriate and effective relationships with co-workers and shelter residents.
  • Ability to support and correct team and individual performance, manage conflict and ask for help early on so that workflow and service delivery does not impact shelter residents or the shelter community.
  • Demonstrates clear, concise, and effective written and verbal communication.
  • Lift / carry 20 lbs. multiple times/shift.
  • Stand and or sit for two-hour periods and walk for two miles during a shift.
  • Walk on uneven terrain.
  • Work outdoors in inclement weather, extreme heat and/or humidity and/or extreme cold.
  • Climb two or more flights of stairs.
  • Speak clearly on phone and in person.
  • Work for long periods on computer and/or reading small print and/or writing.
  • Drive in daytime and at night
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Willing and able to work in person in a COVID -19 disaster shelter before, during and/or after a disaster event?
  • Availability to sign up for shifts on consecutive days (shifts may be 4, 8 or 12 hours long)
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience supervising a team of 5 or larger
  • Willing to complete 9 hours of virtual self-paced training required for position
  • Ability to read, write, and follow verbal and written instructions in English


Required (part of onboarding)

  • Everyone is Welcome – WBT 45 minutes or VILT 1 hour
  • Shelter Fundamental – Supplemental short videos - VID 30 minutes
  • Shelter Fundamentals v2 (includes Shelter Fundamentals Forms)- WBT 1 hour, 30 minutes or VILT 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Congregate Sheltering Activities in COVID-19 Environment - VID 20 minutes
  • Shelter Supervisor – WBT 4 hours or VILT 4 hours
  • Supervising the Disaster Workforce, operational version – VID 1 hour (includes ConOps 3.0)

Total Training Time MC/SH/SV: 8 hours and 30 or 8 hours 45 minutes

Additional Training Requirements for SAs and SV s willing to deploy outside their region  

  • Deployment Fundamentals – WBT 30 min 
  • Mission Cards – Cardholder Overview – VID 15 min 

 Total Training Time:  45 min minutes 

Development Opportunities

Shelter Supervisor with completion of remaining requirements and training by December 2020.

Length of Appointment

  • The COVID-19 Disaster Reserve is active during this disaster/wildfire season, anticipated to extend until the end of the year
  • Reserve volunteers will have the opportunity to remain active with the Red Cross after the season

Time Commitment

*IMPORTANT* This is a reserve appointment

Upon joining the COVID-19 Disaster Reserve, the only immediate time commitment is to complete your training online, approximately 2-5 hours.

Activation and Deployment

  • In case of a large scale disaster, the COVID-19 Disaster Reserve will be activated with an email or text message notification to all responders.
  • Sign-up to assignments will be opened immediately. 
  • Red Cross will make arrangements for travel and accommodation for 
Minimum Commitment
  • Minimum commitment for local deployment is five (5) non-consecutive days
  • Minimum commitment for divisional deployment (more than 50 miles from your home of record) is fourteen (14) consecutive days from activation including travel

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