Communications: Visual Storyteller (Videographer/Photographer)

Communications: Visual Storyteller (Videographer/Photographer)

Assist the Red Cross in delivering by taking, editing, and sharing video to showcase the Red Cross at work both in disaster and non-disaster times.

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Key Responsibilities

Collaborate with Communications Leadership to identify and carry out ways to tell the Red Cross story visually

• Take video at events, trainings and disasters in accordance with Red Cross brand standards

• Capture vivid video to tell the Red Cross story of service delivery

• Cull, edit, caption and upload your video to online sharing accounts; share select video in a timely manner (typically same day or within 24 hours) with chapter/regional communications leadership and the social media team

• Share video on social media, when appropriate

• Coordinate with chapter social media leads to share your team's videos on social media or Red Cross sites.

• Treat all clients, volunteers and partners with dignity and respect - always obtaining required photo releases.

• Organize and deliver video documentation, captions, quotes and video releases.


During Disasters:

• Work with communications team to identify daily priorities to share visual story.

• Deploy to the scene to seek out opportunities for videos.


• Prior professional experience in videography required such as past publications online, print or TV – min. 1 year.

• Must bring own professional equipment

• Ability to travel to events in NJ

• Excellent video techniques and abilities, bring your own equipment.

• Ability to upload video to online sites

• Ability to meet deadlines - often same day or within 24 hours

• Ability to communicate in a friendly and engaging manner

• Willingness to interview subjects to provide detailed caption information

• Experience with social media

• Video editing

Time Commitment

Typically 12-16 hours per month - flexible and dependent on individual projects and local disaster responses. May be 4-8 hours per day during disasters.

Development Opportunities

 • Be a valued member of the Red Cross communications team.

• Team leadership opportunities

• Regional disaster deployments

Length of Appointment

12 months with a renewable opportunity


Chapter public affairs staff, chapter executive, chapter departmental leads; clients, donors, partners and volunteers you meet in the field and photograph.


 • Orientation to American Red Cross

• Public Affairs Essentials (Online)

• Introduction to Red Cross Communications

• Fundamentals of Disaster Public Affairs, National Response (Webinar)

• Social Media Basics (Online)

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