*Virtual - Communications Spokesperson

*Virtual - Communications Spokesperson

Red Cross Spokespersons are a part of a professional volunteer team that develops and delivers the Red Cross story behind-the-scenes, on-camera, in-person and online through media channels, websites, social media feeds and other content platforms. Fluency in a second language is helpful.

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Remote/Virtual Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

Blue Sky Operations involve events such as the following:


  • News Releases, FAQs and/or Talking Points for special projects such as Tiffany Circle, YPA, Swing for Relief, BASH, New Board Member Announcements, Corporate Recognition and more
  • Serve as the on-the-record spokesperson through one-take video projects
  • Upload smart phone photos and cut-lines to Red Cross social sites
  • Serve as the on-the-record spokesperson for local news outlets and/or through Skype interviews
  • Represent the American Red Cross as a guest speaker or agency representative at high-profile community events


  During Gray Sky Operations, you may carry out the same duties from:  


  • Red Cross shelters
  • Aid Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Digital Operations Center (digiDOC)
  • Disaster Operations Center
  • War Room
  • Partner Organizations


  • Spokespersons may be asked to send a photo or one-take video back from an event or a scene to be used immediately on social media sites
  • During times of disaster, spokespersons should be able to navigate difficult terrain, volunteer at odd-hours
  • Photos/Videos are the property of the American Red Cr




  • Orientation 
  • Disaster Services: An Overview (Online)
  • Public Affairs Essentials (Online)
  • Fundamentals of Disaster Public Affairs, National Response (Online)
  • Message Workshop Training




  • One-Take Video
  • Red Cross Photography
  • Shelter Operations
  • Mass Care
  • Social Media Basics
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Disaster Action Team Workshop

Development Opportunities


  • Must have media relations education and/or experience
  • Background in Red Cross response (training provided), branding and messaging
  • Submission of a portfolio of news releases, video clips of on-camera work or equivalent work samples required
  • Background in branding and messaging

Time Commitment

  • Blue Sky opportunities will be provided in advance with deadlines
  • On-Call and Red Alert opportunities are available for gray sky operations

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