Field: International Services Instructor

Field: International Services Instructor

RFL Instructors provide training in their divisions/regions to build capacity and knowledge around International Services and the global Red Cross Red Crescent mission. They are responsible for training Red Cross paid and volunteer staff in International Services related course content so that services can be provided in their local communities.

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Field: Variable throughout LA County

Key Responsibilities

  • Facilitate International Services courses, primarily focusing in the RFL Caseworker course, but including the RFL Outreach workshop, Fundamental Principles or other available International Services courses
  • Teach the RFL Casework Course at least once a year, supporting your region and if possible neighboring regions.
  • Updating training records in learning management system
  • Stay up-to-date on Restoring Family Links program updates through participation in International Services conference calls and by receiving program email updates.


Restoring Family Links Master Instructors, RFL headquarters team, International Services Leads in the Red Cross Regions in Division.

Development Opportunities

Training of trainers 


  • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies for in-person volunteer activities.
  • Be a qualified instructor in another Red Cross course or have successfully completed the Basic Instructor Fundamentals Course or Instructor Specialty Course (Required)
  • Be certified as a Restoring Family Links instructor by RFL Master Instructor (Required)
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills, including strong presentation and facilitation skills (Required)
  • Be available to teach the RFL Instructor Course when needed (Required)
  • Be willing to keep up-to-date on RFL program updates through participation in RFL conference calls and email updates (Required)
  • Have experience with RFL work in some capacity (casework, casework supervision, outreach/promotion of RFL activities, training) (Preferred)
  • Have experience managing training events and an instructor roster (Preferred)


Complete the RFL Instructor course facilitated by RFL Master Instructor, having previously completed the RFL Caseworker course or experience providing casework in your community.

Preferably have previously completed other American Red Cross course in facilitation.

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