(RP) Disaster Action Team (DAT) Trainee - All Boroughs - NYC

(RP) Disaster Action Team (DAT) Trainee - All Boroughs - NYC

To serve on a Disaster Action Team as a worker (in-training) on a DAT response to provide 24-hour immediate support and assistance to individuals and families who have been impacted by a home fire or other local disaster.

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Bronx,Brooklyn (Kings County),Manhattan (New York County),Queens,Richmond County (Staten Island)

Key Responsibilities

The DAT Trainee is the entry level position for the DAT program. As part of the DAT training program, the DAT Trainee will respond to local disasters and successfully complete assigned training.

  1. Works as part of an assigned team to respond to local disasters within two hours.
  2. Follows the direction of on-scene team leader to support the response.
  3. Completes all required training to become a DAT Service Associate within 6 months.
  4. Attends regularly scheduled volunteer/DAT meetings as required by Chapter/Region.
  5. Communicates availability to DAT Coordinator on a regular basis.
  6. Other responsibilities as assigned by the DAT leadership.


  • Commitment to the mission of the American Red Cross.
  • Able to respond reliably when on call.
  • Able to follow Red Cross DAT standards and procedures.
  • Ability to learn and use Red Cross systems and online interfaces.
  • Ability to work in challenging and stressful conditions such as poor air quality, uneven ground, adverse weather, etc.
  • Must have a valid driver's license and/or a timely, reliable way to get to the scene.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills.

Time Commitment

NYC Local Qualifications, Requirements & Responsabilities:

  • Must be 18 or above
  • Driver's License REQUIRED with ability to drive vehicles up to 8 passenger vans and the ability to drive during the day or night
  • When fully trained, volunteers are encouraged to mentor and train others
  • In addition to home borough, should be willing to respond to disasters in every borough in NYC
  • Comfortable climbing stairs, working in a potentially dark, smoky and/or damp environment 
  • Awareness that volunteer may be exposed to extreme or distressing situations

Manhattan Time Commitment

  • Minimum of two eight-hour shifts per month
  • Priority for Sunday (all day) and weekday evenings (5p-1a or 6p – 12a) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Bronx/Brooklyn Time Commitment

  • Minimum of two eight-hour shifts per month (time varies)
  • Will need to come into chapter HQ once a week, Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm

Queens Time Commitment

  • Minimum of two eight-hour shifts per month
  • Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5pm – 11pm 
  • Other shifts may be available depending on need

Staten Island Time Commitment

  • Minimum of two eight-hour shifts per month
  • Will need to come into chapter HQ once a week/weekend (can be day or night)--any 8 hours shift duration (for a shift in the field)
  • Once per month required to attend in-person class in Manhattan Office (weekday or Sat)  
Updated: 1-9-19/SW / SI updated 2-21-20 AS

Development Opportunities

DAT Service Associate, DAT Supervisor, DAT Manager, DAT Coordinator, DAT Duty Officer, Recovery Caseworker, Mass Care related positions

Length of Appointment

1 Year plus


AT Supervisor, DAT Manager, DAT Service Associate, DAT Coordinator


See the Disaster Responder Training Requirements document for current training requirements.

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