(RP) Mass Care Team Member

(RP) Mass Care Team Member

The purpose of this position is to perform Mass Care readiness and capacity building activities needed to enable effective service delivery (in a disaster response).

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Key Responsibilities

Mass Care provides activities and services on a congregate basis to the community as a whole including feeding, sheltering, reunification, and distribution of emergency supplies.   This position is responsible for the tasks involved in the Mass Care program including: 1) Support the annual mass care goals, RDO objectives, and regional/ chapter plan for mass care services through participation in meetings, projects, and local response activities 2) Projects and local response activities will be assigned according to the activities you are training in: feeding, sheltering, distribution of emergency supplies, or reunification.   3) Projects may include tasks such as conducting facility surveys for response activity sites, meeting with partners to build relationships, conducting inventory and updating supply kits. 


Ability to: • follow and implement requests received from supervisor with little or no supervision.  • adapt to change, negotiate compromise and tolerate ambiguity.  • build effective relationships with others who can help with work related goals.           • be sensitive in human interactions to diversity inclusiveness.  • work toward service associate position in at least one Mass Care activity

Time Commitment

Varies depending on regional projects and priorities. Volunteers should expect to spend 4 hours on work related to this position.

Drivers License required for positions in Metro NY North (Lower Hudson Valley) and Long Island.

Development Opportunities

Take the Mass Care Management 2017 course. Take training and gain experience required to serve as: • Feeding, Sheltering, Reunification, or DES worker during operations. • Mass Care Regional Program Lead or Mass Care Chapter/Territory Coordinator

Length of Appointment



Works closely with all other Mass Care workers to ensure team goals are achieved. 


• Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview (Required) • Mass Care: An Overview (Required) • Fundamental courses for all Mass Care activities strongly recommended

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