Volunteer Services: Regional Volunteer Relations Lead

Volunteer Services: Regional Volunteer Relations Lead

To provide go-to people (Volunteer) resources for volunteer engagement, support and issue resolution methods.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Implements corporate Red Cross Human Resources and Office of Volunteer Services policies and procedures.
  • Receives appropriate training on all components and practices of Volunteer Relations and serves as a resident expert and coach on volunteer relations issues.
  • Serves as the primary liaison to the NHQ Volunteer Services office, Regional Volunteer Services Officer and employees
  • Explain appropriate Red Cross policies and procedures as related to Volunteer Relations during Steady State including utilization of Regional Volunteer Workforce Complaint Toolkit materials to all supervisors (employees and volunteer)
  • Provide confidential mediator support for supervisors and supervisees as appropriate
  • Conduct appropriate investigation, documentation, and resolution when complaint involves a volunteer
  • Coordinates with and supports Human Resource Partners and ICE of complaints that they manage the investigation of
  • Serves as a resource and support to the Regional Volunteer Relations Team Members through managing ongoing communication to include, answering questions, holding trainings and/or calls to encourage best practice sharing, etc.
  • Supports VS in drafting additional tools and resources to promote a fair and harassment-free environment.
  • Recommends to RVSO appropriate Training for supervisors of volunteers Actively participate in monthly conference calls of the NHQ VS Volunteer Relations Team
  • In partnership with RVSO follow established process for tracking and reporting of volunteer HR issues handled within the region.


  • Conflict management/mediation/training experience
  • Experience with employee/staff relations, HR management
  • Experience delivering training material and/or facilitation
  • Ability to work in confidential situations
  • Active Listening skills
  • Able to assess, investigate, resolve, notify Volunteer HR Matters in timely manner when assigned a situation.


  • Orientation to American Red Cross
  • American Red Cross appropriate training for this position
  • On the job training as needed
  • Completion Worker Complaint Resolution Courses
  • Session One: Volunteer Workforce Complaint Process Steps, Roles, Responsibilities and Complaint Categories
  • Session Two: Applying Scenarios and Tools
  • Session Three: Practicing Real-World Conversations

Development Opportunities

  • Direct experience with volunteers in the workforce
  • Association with a national organization, American Red Cross
  • Resume building experience
  • Leadership Opportunity

Length of Appointment

One year, renewable

Time Commitment

Flexible and can be episodic

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