*Disaster Preparedness Volunteer - Build community resilience by teaching about disaster preparedness

*Disaster Preparedness Volunteer - Build community resilience by teaching about disaster preparedness

Build resilient communities with us and volunteer with one of our preparedness programs! Teach children about disaster preparedness as a Pillowcase Project Presenter, and help those around you become Red Cross Ready. Opportunities also exist to teach adults and businesses about disaster planning.

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ARC of Central Indiana,ARC of Greater Indianapolis,ARC of Northeast Indiana,ARC of Northwest Indiana,ARC of Southeast Indiana,ARC of Southwest Indiana

Key Responsibilities

This position is responsible for the tasks involved to implement the preparedness program including:

  1. Execute assigned projects and local preparedness activities according to the activities you are trained in: Home Fire Campaign, The Pillowcase Project, or Community Preparedness Education Programs; and 
  2. Complete tasks such as implementing preparedness activities, meeting with partners to build relationships, conducting inventory, and procuring or receiving necessary preparedness supplies. 


Works closely with all other Preparedness team members to ensure team goals are achieved.


  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview (Required) 
  • Everyone's Welcome (Required) 
  • Red Cross Volunteer Orientation 
  • Complete all relevant online/ in-person training and review all relevant preparedness program materials that are posted on The Exchange.

Development Opportunities

Advancement within the disaster workforce, mentoring opportunities, develop technical expertise in preparedness programming, develop leadership skills, build skills through training provided.


Ability to:

  1. Follow directions and implement requests received from supervisor with little or no supervision; 
  2. Adapt to change, negotiate compromise, and tolerate ambiguity; 
  3. Build effective relationships with others who can help with work related goals; and 
  4. Be sensitive in human interactions to diversity inclusiveness.

Time Commitment

Time commitment will vary based on need in area. Should expect a minimum of 4-8 hours per month if sessions are taking place.

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