BS-GEN: RN of Record

BS-GEN: RN of Record

California regulations require that any time blood is drawn under a license (for example under the Red Cross license) - it must be under the supervision of a physician or a registered nurse trained in the procedure. The regulations allow for scenarios where a physician is not present (which would be typical for blood drives in California), however, the regulations require that when a physician is not present - the individual placed in charge must be a registered nurse. Red Cross Solution: A Volunteer RN with current license, trained on Red Cross procedures pertaining to donor eligibility and donor reaction management, can act in this capacity.

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Field: Variable throughout LA County

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as licensed professional at blood drives
  • Oversight of donor eligibility and donor reactions
  • Observe donors post-donation
  • Encourage donors to use RapidPass
  • Educate donors on best donation type for their blood type
  • Build relationships/recruit volunteers



  • Active California RN license
  • Orientation and training 7 total days in a 4-week span
  • Flexible scheduling for drives whether on-call or advanced scheduling
  • 2 drives or more a month, for 6+ months commitment
  • Note: Cannot split up the training, miss a training day, come in late or leave early from training

Time Commitment

  • Initial training of approximately 7 days
  • 2-4 blood drives per month
  • Minimum 6-month commitment

Development Opportunities

RN of Record Scheduler, RN of Record Coordinator/Supervisor (positions to be developed

Length of Appointment

Six (6) months preferred


Donors, Collections Teams, Biomed Volunteer Management


7 full days' classroom training (Orientation and RN of Record Training)

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