*Virtual - Disaster Recovery Team Member

*Virtual - Disaster Recovery Team Member

Provide Follow up and Recovery Planning Services, including referrals, for individuals and households following regional events - primarily home fires.

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Remote/Virtual Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct follow-up for clients within 72 hours of case being opened by Disaster Action Team or Caseworker.
  • May also conduct Intake and provide Financial Assistance to qualified clients if case was not opened by DAT
  • Conduct Follow-up and Recovery Planning Services
  • Provide Internal Referrals and External Referrals.
  • Assist with problem-solving and advocacy upon request
  • Use RC Care to document services according to the Client Care Program Standards and Procedures and RC Care Job Tools.
  • Services may be provided in person or virtually.
  • Work with community recovery partners to plan for community recovery needs and long-term recovery activities.

May also have a REC/CARE/SA GAP in addition to steady state role.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Able to treat clients with care, comfort and concern.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the mission of the American Red Cross.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well in stressful situations and in a team-oriented setting.
  • Demonstrated interest in learning about community resource organizations.
  • Treats people equitably and works effectively with diverse populations
  • Comfortable with technology

Time Commitment

4 hours weekly is expected of the Recovery Team Member.

Development Opportunities

Based on skill and interests, become a Recovery Team Leader or get a GAP and deploy nationally

Length of Appointment

Once trained, may remain active as long as required training is updated. 
Continued participation and leadership will be evaluated and renewed yearly based on performance.


Works with Recovery Team Leaders and Members



  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview
  • RC Care: Caseworker Curriculum
    • Client Care Program Overview
    • Detailed Damage Assessment for Disaster Action Team Response Operations
    • Client Care Program: Disaster Client Intake
    • Client Care Program: Conducting Follow-up
    • Client Care Program: Recovery Planning
    • Client Care Program: Providing Referrals
    • Shelter Resident Transition with RC Care
  • Everyone is Welcome
  • Concept of Operations Basics


  • Psychological First Aid: Helping Others in Times of Stress

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