CM: Communications: Digital Content (Production/Post-Production) Volunteer

CM: Communications: Digital Content (Production/Post-Production) Volunteer

Assist with the production and post-production of Red Cross digital content, as needed. This includes writing, directing, filming, production assistant, post-production and editing.

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ARC: West LA Red Cross Humanitarian Services HQ,Remote: Virtual / Work from home

Key Responsibilities

Assist with video production. Write and/or direct short video and PSA ‘s for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Film digital (video) content, at our offices or on-location at community events.  Assist with editing and post-production of digital (video) content.


  •  Knowledge of Social Media
  • Knowledge of digital marketing
  • Ability to work with your own equipment, from your own computer, and/or with your own software
  • Skilled at videography and/or video editing
  • Ability to optimize audio levels - we work with video from a variety of sources and equipment
  • Knowledge of formatting and outputting for several social platforms
  • Classwork or Degrees in Film, Production, Marketing, New Content Media, Editing, or Journalism preferred


  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Premiere, or equivalent editing software
  • Ability to create simple graphics and titles
  • You may be asked to provide a reel, portfolio, or links to examples of your work

Development Opportunities

Develop your portfolio and reel in service of the Red Cross

Length of Appointment

6 months to 1 year

Time Commitment

Variable, based on projects. Estimated 5-10 hours a month.  

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