Casework: Volunteer Caseworker - Military and Veterans Program Emergency Communications (Virtual)

Casework: Volunteer Caseworker - Military and Veterans Program Emergency Communications (Virtual)

Ensure military families' needs are met when faced with an emergency.

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Remote/Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities

Support the Red Cross mission
• Maintain strict confidentiality of any case notes, names and other personal information in accordance with Red Cross policies
• Understand and apply Service to Armed Forces (SAF) policies, procedures and protocols related to Red Cross client services consistently and correctly
• Support the follow up process to include making follow-up calls to military members and/or families to determine if their needs are met, providing other follow-up actions needed for complete and timely client service
• Acquire a working knowledge of local, state and federal resources aiding military members, families and veterans
• Maintain professionalism and conduct as stated in Red Cross policy


• Successful American Red Cross background check
• Complete required national training and locally developed orientation
• Able to support Red Cross SAF mission; have an awareness of and appreciation for military culture, military families, and veterans' issues
• Demonstrated ability to treat people with respect under all circumstances and instill trust in others while upholding the values and principles of the American Red Cross
• Ability to apply active listening skills and employ reasoning and questioning strategies to capture, analyze, and interpret information from clients, staff, and management
• Good computer skills to include use of Internet search tools; Intranet; and Microsoft Office Suite, to include Outlook, word-processing, database and/or spreadsheet applications
• Effective interviewing skills and a sound knowledge of telephone and in-person etiquette and pleasant and friendly manners respectful of human dignity
• Ability to work with or without supervision
• Effective verbal and written communication skills
• Good customer service skills; Ability to work well with others
• Willingness to gain knowledge of community resources
• Able to work with culturally diverse populations

Time Commitment

  • Flexible, with a scheduled commitment
  • Virtual, with in-person training

Development Opportunities

Continued training in all aspect of client services

Length of Appointment

  • Ongoing


Red Cross volunteer and employee Hero Care Network Leads


• Orientation to the American Red Cross
• Specific SAF on-line casework and case management system training
• Specific SAF classroom training regarding practices, policies and procedures
• SAF Basic Training webinars (SAF Overview; Military 101; Family Follow-up; etc.)
• Familiarization with the Client Assistance Manual (CAM)
• Diversity, Sensitivity and Awareness eLearning (Recommended)

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