*Disaster Technology Team Leader - Special Events Support

*Disaster Technology Team Leader - Special Events Support

This position supports the Regional Disaster Cycle Services department. Lead a Team of Volunteers providing Information Technology support for Disaster Services efforts in preparing for, responding to, or recovering from a disaster.

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Central Maryland Chapter,DC Chapter,Delmarva Chapter,Montgomery, Howard, and Frederick Chapter,NOVA Chapter,Southern Maryland Chapter

Key Responsibilities

Provide team guidance in the following:

  • Install and support Computers, Printers, and other IT equipment following Disaster Technology Procedures (DTPs) and IT EUS policies/processes
  • Install and support Communications equipment (e.g. Radios and Antennas)
  • Help test and ensure Network and Internet connectivity
  • Familiarize users with Red Cross IT hardware and software environments
  • Inventory equipment and track its location or who it is assigned to
  • Monitor and correct performance issues that impact workflow or Service Delivery


  • Willingness to comply with Red Cross COVID-19 policies for in-person volunteer activities.
  • Experience Managing or Leading technology staff in fast paced and chaotic environment
  • Experience using and troubleshooting IT equipment (such as Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and printers ) and/or Radio Communications equipment
  • Familiar with Microsoft Windows (7 and up) and Microsoft Office (2007 and up)
  • Ability to follow written procedures and verbal instructions
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Organizational skills, especially ability to concentrate and multi-task in fast paced and chaotic environment
  • Ability to sit or stand for long periods and adapt to long irregular hours and frequent schedule changes
  • Ability to provide excellent Customer Support; interact with personnel in a friendly and professional manner, understand the situation presented and follow through with solutions
  • Ability to seek help and ask questions when situation demands


  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview (Required)
  • Disaster Front-line Supervision and Simulation (Required)
  • Disaster Services Technology Overview (Required)
  • Balance of Disaster Services Technology series (Recommended)
  • EasyVista (Required)
  • User Security and Privacy Training

Development Opportunities

  • Build professional relationship with local/National Red Cross Units
  • Learn new professional skills
  • Red Cross training (disaster, health and safety, etc...)

Length of Appointment

1 year, renewable 

Time Commitment

In-Person Event Support

Aprox avaraging 5 hours per month and timing will depend on prior to and day of Special Event such as: 4th of July, Presidential Funerals and MC Marathon and other large scale public event (can include weekdays, evening, weekends and holidays)

This position is only during special events that may be needed a few times a year and not on a regular weekly or monthly basis

Day of event shift can be up to 12+ hour averaging the 5 hours a month for the position

** This is a Leader position that will support a small team of 2-3 per Chapter

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