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Southeast Georgia Chapter Youth Volunteer Application (Under 18)


Completing this application means you have a desire to perform extraordinary acts in your spare time. With the American Red Cross, you will make a difference every day in someone's life. Whether you are comforting a victim of a house fire, teaching disaster training or providing support for member of the military, you are changing lives across Georgia. If you are interested in community services, disaster services or support areas such as data entry, photography and accounting, the American Red Cross has a place for you.

Thank you for making the decision to become a part of a life-changing experience.

Instructions for the Online Application Process:

Once you submit your initial application information, you will receive an email asking you to activate your online account. Please be sure to activate your account so that you can complete the process. Once you do so, you will be asked to complete the following steps:

  1.   1. Print the Parental Consent and Media Release Form, and CIIPA Form
  2.   2. At your first meeting with your local chapter, please submit to them the signed Parental Consent and Media Release Form, and CIIPA Form
  3.   3. Update your Profile
  4.   4. Read and Agree to Red Cross Policies  
  5.   5. Online Orientation
  6.   6. Volunteer Interest Indication

If at any point, you have questions regarding the online system or the volunteer application process, or would like to set up an in person appointment for assistance with the online process, please contact the Volunteer Specialist for your area at 912-651-5321.



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*A Red Cross volunteer is an individual who freely assists the American Red Cross in the accomplishment of its mission without expectation or receipt of compensation.